The Best Seafood Restaurants In Da Nang, Vietnam

Jing Xuan Teng

Da Nang, Vietnam, is situated right on the coast of the glittering South China Sea, which means that seafood is a major feature of the area’s cuisine. Here are the must-visit seafood spots when you’re in Da Nang.

Cooked – Blood Cockles and Clams

Cua Bien Quan

This restaurant is right by the beach, and the ocean views go perfectly with the seafood. The oysters and clams, which are steamed and served with spring onions, peanuts and roasted shallots, are particularly good. The dining space is clean and neat, with an air-conditioned section for hotter days. Make sure to ask for prices before eating, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Cua Bien Quan, Lo 10, Vo Nguyen Giap, Da Nang, Vietnam, +84 94 849 79 79

Quan Be Anh

Quan Hang Be Anh combines the freshest seafood with affordable prices. Seafood is sold by weight here, and you can pick your ingredients from the buckets of live crustaceans and shellfish that are on display. Try your hand at cooking your own meal with the lemongrass and onion hotpot, or let the experts serve you fragrant, steaming bowls of fish congee and steamed cuttlefish.
Quan Be Anh, Hoang Sa, Da Nang, Vietnam, +84 90 551 67 26

Crispy Fish, Danang

Quan Be Man

This no-frills, noisy restaurant is always packed with local diners. Quan Be Man’s seafood fried rice is a must-try, as well as the grilled prawns and fish steamed with lemongrass and coriander. Be warned, though, that ordering fish in Da Nang tends to mean ordering the entire animal. Ask the proprietors to make two or more different dishes from the fish, if you want to avoid having too much of the same dish.
Lo 13 Duong Hoang Sa, Da Nang, Vietnam, +84 90 520 78 48

Bau Troi Do

Head to Bau Troi Do for something different from the usual Da Nang fare. Chef Cong combines international techniques and fresh, local ingredients at this restaurant. Signature dishes include banana blossom salad with shrimp, steamed grouper, and a Japanese-influenced clam sashimi. Make sure you start your meal with typical Da Nang appetizers (quail eggs and boiled peanuts), for a truly special experience.
Bau Troi Do, Lo 2, Duong Hoang Sa, Da Nang, Vietnam, +84 90 572 75 76

Vietnamese Seafood Platter

My Hanh Restaurant

My Hanh Restaurant is one of the more upmarket seafood restaurants in Da Nang. Their extensive menu includes highlights such as spicy grilled abalone, shellfish congee, salt-steamed crab, and tamarind crab. The restaurant is right by the beach, so you have the option to sit outside. Come for dinner around sunset, for the best views.
My Hanh, Lo 17-18, Hoang Sa, Da Nang, Vietnam, +84 90 531 39 99

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