The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An streets
Hoi An streets | © lire100/Flickr
Piumi Rajapaksha

Hoi An is so unbelievably magical that every alleyway, every old building and every local that walks the streets are uniquely beautiful. You’ll want to photograph everything and everyone. Here are 10 spots that are undoubtedly going to add some unique colors to your Instagram feed.

1. Hoi An Ancient Town

Building, Market, Buddhist Temple

Hoi An Ancient Town | © Loi Nguyen Duc / Flickr
© Loi Nguyen Duc / Flickr

Believe it or not but every nook and cranny of the UNESCO protected Ancient Town is Instagrammable. The whole town is somewhat of an outdoor art gallery – centuries-old tea houses painted in a distinctive golden hue, lantern-lit alleyways, quiet canals, colorful bridges, markets, peaceful locals going about their day, rickshaw drivers taking curious tourists around…it’s hard not to fall in love with Hoi An.

2. Tra Que Vegetable Village


Vietnamese farmers | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
© Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Tra Que Vegetable Village is over 300 years old and is the first organic vegetable village in Vietnam. Here you can rent a bicycle and cycle around the neatly planted rows of herbs and veggies, and even take part in some farming activities such as preparing the soil, watering plants and even picking them. A fun activity is to do a cooking class at the Tra Que Watering Wheel, which allows you to partake in all the activities mentioned above and more, and to top it all off, a water buffalo ride to end the day. You can get over a 100 Instagram-perfect pictures here.

3. An Bang Beach

Natural Feature

Beach | © Joe deSousa / Flickr
© Joe deSousa/Flickr

The beach is only four miles (six kilometers) from the Ancient Town and is not very crowded. There are plenty of beach-side bars where you can claim a cabana to yourself, order some cocktails and relax the evening away. An Bang beach is also great for the early morning sunrise. Get the ideal beach shot here.

4. Phung Hung Ancient House


Phung Hung Old House | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
© Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Established in 1780, the Phung Hung Ancient House is one of the most famous architectural buildings in Hoi An, blending Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese architectural styles. Every intricate detail of this house is worth photographing.

5. Japanese Covered Bridge


Japanese bridge | © rapidacid / Flickr
© rapidacid / Flickr

This is one of Hoi An’s most iconic attractions dating back to the 18th century. It was built by the Japanese then residing in Hoi An as a means of getting to the Chinese quarter. It is especially photogenic at night with the reflection of the lights on the water surface.

6. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Art Gallery, Shop

Thanh Ha Pottery Village | © Vu Pham Van/Culture Trip
© Vu Pham Van/Culture Trip

For over 400 years the artisans at this village have been specializing in making beautiful pottery pieces such as cups, pots, jars, bowls, and the like. You are able to visit the workshops of the residents, interact with them and even try your hand at making some pottery.

7. Kim Bong Carpentry Village


Similar to Thanh Ha Pottery Village, the craftsmen residing at the Kim Bong Carpentry Village specialize in making carpentry products for households across the country. Again, you are able to walk around, visit the individual workshops and learn about the local lives. You can even watch as artisans create wooden fishing vessels using traditional techniques. Plenty of unique cultural snapshot opportunities await.

8. Hoi An Central Market


Hoi An Market | © Gregor Dodson/Flickr
© Gregor Dodson/Flickr

Markets in Vietnam are super colorful and lively. A wide variety of items are sold here, from clothes, handbags, shoes and jewelry to fresh veggies, fruit and packaged goods. You can try your hand at some bargaining and if your intention is not to buy anything, just get some colorful shots for your feed.

9. Reaching Out Teahouse

Cafe, Dessert

Reaching Out | © Reaching Out/Facebook
© Reaching Out/Facebook

This is a unique cafe run by the hearing and speech impaired. You order your food and drink by using blocks or a notepad and pencil. You are also encouraged to keep quiet here or whisper with your friends – on the wall is a sign that says “silence is golden.” It’s certainly a wonderful place to people-watch, and snap a few pics in silence.

10. Thu Bon River

Natural Feature

Thu Bon River | © David McKelvey/Flickr
© David McKelvey/Flickr

The Thu Bon River runs through the Ancient Town. During the day, the beautiful blue sky is reflected on the surface and colorful boats are moored at the banks. River cruises are a popular activity or you can opt for a short boat ride with a local – there are plenty offering their services. Make sure you release a lantern too. The river will be full of little candle-light specks.

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