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The Coolest Airbnbs in Bangkok

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Updated: 21 November 2017

Bangkok isn’t a tale of two cities; it’s a tale of two worlds co-existing. Stunning temples blend in seamlessly amongst the skyscrapers that have come to adorn the skyline, streets crowded with tourists still welcome the local regulars, and the old traditions are passed on to younger generations as easily as an app is downloaded. The best way to see Bangkok can’t be taught in a guidebook, it has to be experienced on one’s own, down on the ground, amongst the people who make this great city tick, which is something hotels can’t offer. Traditional styles, eccentric ones and icy-cool modernism — each of these can be used to used to describe Bangkok. Each can also be experienced through Airbnb. Here are the coolest Airbnbs Bangkok has to offer.

The Mustang Nero

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The Mustang Nero is a collection of rooms that are each named after a different animal and that differ wildly when it comes to decor. From minimalist-style rooms to rooms that are decorated with a range of props — such as a flamingo statue — its rooms are almost works of art in themselves. The rooms with giant tropical leaves can help facilitate a calming atmosphere in what’s often a hectic city, whilst the collection of taxidermy animals that can be found in others offers a quirkier experience. Vintage furniture can be found in each room; a theme that helps tie everything together.

Price – differs room to room

Accommodates – differs room to room

Original Shophouse in Chinatown

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The presence of the Chinese in Thailand goes back a long way, with many modern-day Thais having some Chinese ancestry. Chinatown is a vibrant district in Bangkok, and it’s perfectly encapsulated in this listing. It’s a room full of character and identity, with vintage furniture throughout. Chinese touches in the decorations give it an extra stamp of authenticity. Like the name suggests, it is formerly a shophouse and there’ve been little or no attempts to modernise it, which only adds to its charm. It’s in a prime location too, located above a tapas bar and in close proximity to bustling Yaoworat Road and its many hip bars and eateries. A great place to stay in one of Bangkok’s rising neighbourhoods.

Price – $69 per night

Accommodates – 4 guests


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Another trendy room located above a shophouse in Chinatown, Ba hao is a great example of remnants of the past living in tandem with the present. Despite not being dozens of stories high in the sky, it comes with quite the view; Wat Traimit is perfectly framed by the window behind the bed, and its wide windows allow plenty of natural light to enter. Traditional Thai roll mats and framed pictures are found here alongside Western features such as exposed brick walls and vintage furnitures. There’s a large balcony for relaxing as well as a shared living room downstairs and a cocktail bar on the first floor. You’re also well placed to explore Chinatown if you wish to stretch your legs.

Price – $113 per night

Accommodates – 3 guests

Quiet & Natural Thai Poolside Villa & Suite Onnut

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With Bangkok being so busy and its public transport being so effective, sometimes it makes sense to stay a little further away from the action, and there aren’t many better places to do that here. From the outside, it’s a visual treat; a traditional, wooden Thai house with distinctive shapes and embellishments; the aesthetic is continued inside. Rustic, wooden floors and walls are found all over the house, along with various Thai decorations such as hand-carved pieces of art, furniture and elephant-printed mats. The ground floor is in the traditional Thai open-air style and leads out toward a large pool and a green tropical garden, which provides much-needed moments of zen.

Price – $124 per night

Accommodates – 6 guests

This brightly lit loft is located in the heart of a Thai neighborhood a little off the usual tourist track that provides an authentic experience that few can match. Bright, open and spacious, it’s a place with minimalism in mind whilst also having a few statement pieces of furniture to be found dotted around. There’s a large balcony covered in plants to enjoy a morning coffee on as well as a room with a desk to get some work done. The neighborhood features a number of local places to eat where the flavors are authentic and the prices are cheap, giving you a slice of the real Bangkok that many wish to experience on their travels.
Price – $77 per night
Accommodates – 2 guests

888, 37th New 2BR Luxury River View

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Bangkok has a cityscape that can rival most around the world, and this is an Airbnb from which you can truly enjoy such a view. Its floor-length windows and curved balcony provide panoramic views of the city of Bangkok, including both the Chao Phraya river and the concrete jungle that expands all along the horizon. Its two bedrooms and living spaces are modernly decorated and comfortable whilst the balcony features potted plants and a hot tub, where one can really enjoy the view in style.

Price – $216 per night

Accommodates – 4 guests

Bangkok’s Ultimate Glass Tree House

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This loft apartment features glass, full-length windows throughout, and plenty of green plants and trees both on the property and outside it, making it a calming oasis inside the world’s most visited city. It’s luxuriously decorated, with soft purple sofas and chair found in the living room alongside vibrant, colourful paintings and vintage furniture, not to mention the presence of plants throughout. Modern furnishings are set alongside those from the past, with the two styles marrying to create an aesthetic that’s interesting and visually engaging. Hanging plants make it feel as though you’re in a rainforest, whilst the hot tub and the pool provide opportunities to escape even further into your surroundings and away from your troubles.

Price – $454 per night

Accommodates – 9 guests

Designer Loft House

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Owned by a rock star-cum-interior designer, there was no way that this property was going to be anything other than cool. Located near trendy bars and restaurants — and resembling something of a hip coffee shop itself — it’s everything you’d expect from a modern loft apartment. Bright, white-bricked walls run throughout, as does the wooden flooring, to create a minimal aesthetic that’s familiar and trendy. Its living room furniture is a nod to another time, whilst the exposed bulbs and freestanding clothes rails are simple yet engaging features. The outdoor spaces feature a large concentration of potted plants, which helps to foster an atmosphere of tranquility.

Price – $163 per night

Accommodates – 12 guests