Bangkok's Best Night Markets And Bazaars

JJ Green Night Market/Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
JJ Green Night Market/Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
Kelly Iverson

Street side shopping is at its best in Bangkok. Regardless of where you are, you’ll find yourself experiencing déjà vu throughout the city, as you pass vendor after vendor selling everything from tacky Bangkok gear to cheap clothing. That being said, Bangkok is home to some of Southeast Asia’s most prominent markets. Here are Bangkok’s best night markets and bazaars you can’t miss while traveling through Thailand.

1. JJ Green Night Market

Market, Street Food

JJ Green
© Kelly Iverson
Located a mere five-minute walk from BTS Skytrain stop Mochit is JJ Green Night Market. This is one of our favorite markets because of its size. Unlike most markets in Bangkok, JJ Green Night Market is one you can get through in its entirety, without taking hours . It is small, quaint and still has a wide variety of souvenirs and goods to choose from, regardless of its size. There are also many live bands playing throughout the market.

2. Liab Duan Night Market

Market, Thai

Affordable: this is the best word used to describe this market. Many of the markets in Bangkok have been discovered, and rightfully so, by the millions of tourists that visit Bangkok every year. For one reason or another, Liab Duan Night Market doesn’t seem to be one of them. This market is also open daily, so don’t worry about missing out on having a true, authentic market experience if your’e only in Bangkok on a weekday. Being that this market is on the outskirts of the city, you can find small, outdoor bars selling dirty cheap booze and some even have hookahsyou can pay to use.

3. Rod Fai Train Market


Charge your camera and prepare for the numerous photo ops you will have while exploring Rod Fai Train Market. This market is well-known for its antique zone, which is packed full with cars, lights and other goods made long before many of you were even born. Rod Fai Train Market is closest to BTS Skytrain stop On Nut. From there you have to take about a ten-minute taxi ride. It should cost you anywhere from ฿80-100 (less than $3).

4. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Market, Shop, Store, Gym, Park

colorful people at the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok
© Boaz Rottem / Alamy Stock Photo
Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the most overwhelming markets in Asia, let alone Bangkok. Even so, it is its sheer size and wide selection of goods that make it one of the best markets to explore while visiting Thailand. Chatuchak Weekend Market has everything, from roadside bars to stop at and de-stress from all the shopping to delicious desserts that are a rare treat in Bangkok. To get to Chatuchak Weekend Market, take the BTS Skytrain to Mochit, and you’ll see signs for it on the platform…or just follow the herds of foreigners with backpacks larger than life.

5. Pak Khlong (Flower Market)


Explore the flower market
© palawat744 / Shutterstock
While your shopping list might not include flowers, you should definitely visit Pak Khlong, or the flower market, before leaving the city. We guarantee you’ll have never seen so many flowers in one place, unless you have a vehement green thumb yourself. This market is also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The easiest way to get to this market is by taxi from the BTS Skytrain stop Saphan Taksin.

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