The Most Beautiful Parks and Green Spaces in Taipei

Daan Forest Park
Daan Forest Park | © Lord Koxinga / Wikimedia
Ciaran McEneaney

A thriving city that seemingly never sleeps, Taipei is a hive of activity. Yet every now and then its residents need a moment’s peace and a break from the bustle of everyday city life. So where do they go? Here are the best green spaces for taking a timeout in busy Taipei City.

1. Daan Forest Park

Park, Forest, Skate Park

Daan Park Entrance
© 玄史生 / Wikimedia
Daan is the largest park in Taipei and is one of the most popular destinations for a lunch break or a weekend picnic in the city. The winding paths that lead through the park are lined with trees which help block out much of the noise of the city’s traffic. Located in one of the most popular neighborhoods for cafés and restaurants, this park is an ideal spot for an after dinner stroll. From time to time there are events held in the terrace music area where people can relax on the grass while listening to live bands.

2. Yuanshan and Fine Arts Park Expo Areas

Market, Museum, Park

Located on opposite sides of Zhongshan North Road, these parks form part of the permanent expo area. Yuanshan is quite the popular destination at the weekends as it’s covered mall food court area and farmers’ market attract large crowds. The Fine Arts Park area offers more in the way of floral exhibitions and is considerably quieter, making it ideal for leisurely walks before or after a visit to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

3. Youth Park

Park, Swimming Pool

© Ciaran McEneaney
Taipei residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to activities at Youth Park. The park itself is quite large with plenty of green areas to throw a Frisbee or kick a ball and quite a few seating areas where you will see the locals playing Chinese chess. But the biggest attractions at this park are the baseball field, swimming pool, golf driving range, bicycle paths, and several playgrounds for the kids. There are even tennis courts. This is one park in Taipei that has it all.

4. 228 Peace Park

Memorial, Museum, Park

Located just a short walk from Taipei Main Station, this memorial park is also home to the National Taiwan Museum. Although it was renamed in 1996, this is actually one of the city’s oldest parks and a popular destination for tourists that wish to visit the 228 peace monument and the memorial hall.

5. C.K.S. Memorial Hall

Building, Memorial

© Ciaran McEneaney
Possibly Taiwan’s most popular tourist destination, C.K.S. Memorial Hall is actually more popular with local residents for the walled gardens that surround the memorial building. Locals spend their afternoons playing music or taking walks in the landscaped gardens while there are also two ponds where visitors can feed the fish and turtles.

6. Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence

Memorial, Building

The one-time official residence of Chiang Kai-Shek is now open to the public for tours but as with the Memorial Hall in the city center, locals spend more time here enjoying the gardens surrounding the residence. The gardens are home to a wide variety of flowers and plants while there is also a small covered area where visitors can see the many insects that are native to the area.

7. Dajia Riverside Park


Dajia Riverside Park
© 玄史生 / Wikimedia
Running alongside the Keelung River, Dajia Riverside Park is an extensive green area that includes a wide variety of amenities to suit all ages. There are soccer pitches, baseball fields, playgrounds, a racetrack for radio controlled cars, tennis courts, and plenty of parking. This is the perfect location for families to bring kids to play in the park or ride their bikes on the extensive network of bike paths.

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