Taiwanese Train Company Demands Apology for 'Annabelle' Doll Passenger

© Justin Lubin/Warner Bros/Kobal/REX | © CharlesImage/Shutterstock
© Justin Lubin/Warner Bros/Kobal/REX | © CharlesImage/Shutterstock
A high-speed train operator in Taiwan has demanded an apology from Warner Bros. Pictures after discovering unauthorised pictures were taken of the ‘Annabelle’ doll aboard their vehicles.

Stunts seem to be something of a running theme with the promotion of Annabelle:Creation. In July, we featured a one happening in East London, which was promoted with pictures taken on the underground. However, this time around, something appears to have gone wrong.

Annabelle doll © Annabelle doll Pinpep/WarnerBros.

The BBC reports that the Taiwan’s High Speed Railway (HSR) has complained to Warner Bros. (the company behind Annabelle:Creation) about the pictures, as the studio didn’t have the appropriate permission to film or take photography on their rail network.

Spokesman Chung Jui-fang told the United Daily News that this was a ‘violation’ – they had no record of any person or company applying to use their trains for commercial purposes. In response Warner Bros. has removed all imagery from their social media accounts, explaining that a third party was responsible for the pictures.

Responses to this event have been mixed. Many have praised HSR for standing up to an international media institution, believing that they were right to ask for an apology, but others have deemed the response to be a massive overreaction.

Last month a Malaysian train company used the Annabelle doll on its social media sites in order to ask commuters to mind their manners on their trains – otherwise ‘she will haunt you FOREVER’ they said.

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