Real Estate Agency Becomes First To Use Mixed Reality

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A combination of virtual and augmented reality could become the new norm for how people buy homes and even choose neighborhoods.

Yungching Realty Group, a Taipei-based firm, is now the first real estate agency in the world to use mixed reality (MR) after announcing their new partnership with iStaging. The MR technology will provide an “entirely new level of immersive experience,” says Yungching Realty Group’s president Sun-Ching Yu. “People don’t just buy a house, but also the whole ambience around it as well the nearby lifestyle facilities.”

Mixed reality technology

So much of buying or even renting a new property is reliant upon the neighborhood and how closely it fits your lifestyle. You may find the perfect apartment, but if the neighborhood doesn’t match your expectations, you could end up making a bad investment. That’s where MR technology comes in.

“Convenience, prospects for future development, and the value of the property are crucial factors when it comes to the final decision. That’s why our MR Smart Living service offers home buyers a way to make the most informed decision,” says Yu. With the MR Smart Living product, users aren’t restricted to one area, but can walk around, gathering information about their immediate surroundings and environment in real-time.

MR Smart Living

In a recent demonstration of the new MR Smart Living product, viewers were taken down a popular street in Taipei to experience the technology first-hand. They could view information about the properties for sale and learn things about the surrounding neighborhood from right inside the frame of the MR glass.

MR Smart Living

“It’s through the integration of AR and VR that we can combine the virtual and real worlds into a higher level. There’s a delicate balance between allowing both worlds to exist and creating new interactions and simulations at the same time,” says Johnny Lee, CEO of iStaging. Experts anticipate that this new partnership will become a game-changer for the real estate industry, and that the MR Smart Living service may lead the way in revolutionizing how we consider buying properties.

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