6 Contemporary Jewelry Makers in Sri Lanka You Should Know About

Sri Lanka Jewelry | © SquareD Designs
Sri Lanka Jewelry | © SquareD Designs | Own Stock
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Sri Lanka Hub Writer27 September 2017

Sri Lanka is well known for its precious stones. Star sapphires, cat’s eyes and moonstones are some of the most famous gems that Sri Lanka has to offer. Cities like Colombo and Galle are full of gem and jewelry shops where visitors can purchase standalone gems or crafted jewelry to take home. In the past few years, young designers have seen this wealth of beautiful things as inspiration to design and create modern jewelry for the new generation. Here are six contemporary Sri Lankan jewelry makers and designers that you should know about.

SquareD Designs

Aeshini is the young designer behind SquareD Designs. Her creations are minimalistic and geometric. The silver pieces are very delicate and quite beautiful in their simplicity. She also experiments with handmade wooden jewelry that looks different but timeless at the same time. Aeshini sells her jewelry at pop up shops in the city of Colombo and through her online store.

Aeshini and her minimalistic designs | Own Stock

Two Dots

The beach town of Unawatuna is the home of Two Dots jewellery. The designer, Lizzie, came to Sri Lanka and fell in love with the country, the people and the laid back way of life. Years later she is still here and while getting ready to launch a wellness and health retreat, she creates beautiful jewelry inspired by her life on the island. Two Dots jewellery can be found in several boutique shops in Colombo and Galle. Her creations can also be found on her website.

Two Dots Jewelry is based in Unawatuna

Pure Passion Jewelry

Shyam grew up in a family of jewel dealers and artists. Her eclectic creativity is unique and it shows in her creations. Her unconventional materials take on a life of their own when mixed with silver, gold and precious gems. Her master craftsman is always amazed at how she creates beautiful things out of spare stones, leather, clay and even fossils or pieces of wood. Together they produce very unique and special pieces for the strong and brave modern woman. Shyam’s art can only be bought directly through her Facebook Page or via email.

Shyam uses eclectic and unconventional materials for her unique pieces. | Designer's Own Stock


The jewelry created by Chamindra is a little different from the rest as they use recycled materials as well as the usual gemstones and metals. CShapes is classified as “green jewelry” and every piece looks different to the next. They are very colorful and fun designs that can be used for any occasion. To contact CShapes, visit their FB Page

https://www.facebook.com/CShapes/ Chamindra uses recycled materials for these colorful pieces | https://www.facebook.com/CShapes/

Blue Pendulum

Thari has taken jewelry to the next level with Blue Pendulum. Using discarded watches, the pieces are then turned into beautiful timeless representations of how something useless can be turned into something memorable. Gears and mechanisms turn into earrings, cufflinks, rings and gorgeously crafted pendants. Blue Pendulum jewelry can be found at the PR Store in Colombo or their website

https://bluependulum.com/ Thari uses old watch gears and mechanisms for the timeless pieces | Designer's Own Stock

LEAP by Mihiri

Mihiri’s takes a different approach with her jewels, she doesn’t use the perfectly cut precious jewels but rather finds perfection in the imperfections. The finished pieces look delicate and beautifully crafted. Mihiri roots for the underdogs of gems and jewels. Her jewelry can be found via her LEAP by Mihiri FB Page

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