The Best Vintage and Antique Stores in Singapore

Beautiful vintage-looking furniture.
Beautiful vintage-looking furniture. | © Artful House

Nostalgia is a lucrative industry in Singapore. The country is constantly transforming itself at a rapid pace, leaving people holding strong value for ‘the good ol’ days’ (and any material purchases that may bring them back). There are plenty of places in Singapore to find some great collectible antiques. Some even provide gorgeous links to the country’s past. Here are our favourites.
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Treasures of the Raj

Antique-lookig elephant decorative pieces

If you want something absolutely novel and with a strong sense of heritage, this place might be the perfect fit for you. Colonial and religious artefacts from different parts of the South Asian sub-continent greet you here, and most of it are more than a hundred years old. You get to literally rummage through history at your very fingertips if you decide to get something here.

Second Charm

A very popular place to get new furniture that has been lovingly restored and given a brand new life for new owners. A lot of the pieces have very quirky looks in their new colour coats. Another intriguing element is that certain furniture have been left as they are, which adds character and history to those items.

Emperor Attic

Expect to find Ming vases and porcelain plates in the most glorious of royal blues, and a stunning array of classical East Asian trinkets here. The perfect Oriental ornament is a wonderful adornment to your home to add a bit of character in otherwise more modern trappings. Even furniture pieces that have bits of their veneer worn off or faded are noteworthy as well.

Artful House

Beautiful vintage-looking furniture.

If you’re ever on the lookout for a really outstanding cupboard, it’s highly likely you will find something here. The pieces truly stand out, and a lot of it sourced from South Asia. The one-of-a-kind feel with rich colours and the delicate patina forming give off an air of mystery and history. There are a lot of items like archaic chests and breathtaking beds that would easily add splendour to your nights.

The Past Perfect Collection

With a focus on the British, Dutch & Portuguese era in South or Central Asia, the collection has a feel that Singaporeans themselves will perhaps recognise as being from colonial rule. A lot of time is spent sourcing the material, which means everything is inspected for authenticity and expertly restored in India by the very same craftsmen who know how these objects are made and handled.

East Inspirations Antique Shop

With a staff that is very well-versed in Eastern art, you can be sure to find an antique item here to your specifications and needs. None of it are the cliché, mass-produced touristy items and you can even find affordable trinkets here to gift to friends and family. A lot of the items are particularly curious, like a colourful, moustachioed porcelain owl and delightful vases in soft pastel hues, which will definitely beautify your home in a gentle but delightful manner.

Tong Mern Sern

A collection of old porcelain plates

This store is quite famous for its motto, which is plastered in large font over its entrance and brings in a lot of attention and visitors. The store is part workshop and what seems like a whole lot of junk, but it takes a discerning approach to realise a lot of this has plenty of value. It’s rare to leave empty-handed and the owner does not try to push anything on you, making your visit a far more friendly and jovial one. We highly recommend paying close attention for there might be something you may want to pick up.

Shang Antique

With an emphasis on the Southeast Asian regions and beyond, expect to be so awestruck by the pieces here that you can’t help but wonder why they aren’t in a museum. A lot of it are Buddhist in nature, with a large number of busts and statues with Buddha in a whole range of positions. However, the focus is not on the religious or scriptural but rather the raw beauty of hand-crafted art that are so evocative to look at regardless of your faith. They also have unique stuff like engraved boxes made of bamboo. It’s worth noting that some pieces are as old as nearly two millennia!

Just Anthony

This giant store has a lot for you to peruse. Just Anthony has been around for almost 40 years and has become the place to go to if you’re looking for Chinese antiques. With a ready supply from China and a very keen eyes, one of this establishment’s specialties is creative and unusual furniture. A lot of the material, especially the large furniture pieces like cabinets and stools, really are daunting, especially when you realise how old they are and the previous owners who used it, further accenting the vibe.

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