The Best Spas in Singapore

Familiarise yourself with some of Singapore’s more obscure laws before visiting
Familiarise yourself with some of Singapore’s more obscure laws before visiting | © Tri Nguyen / Unsplash

Are you in search of your ultimate sanctuary, a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation? Look no further, for Singapore boasts some of the most exquisite spas to transport you to a world of pure bliss. From indulgent treatments to serene settings, these establishments have mastered the art of relaxation and wellness. Join us as we unveil the best spas in Singapore, where you can embark on a journey of self-care and find your own personal oasis amidst the bustling city. Prepare to immerse yourself in pure bliss and discover the transformative power of these exceptional spa experiences.

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Bustling Singapore can be a hectic and overwhelming environment, so the need for peace and quiet is a necessity. There are some amazing spas all around the city-state that offer a window of tranquility for both body and mind. Unplug and let go at these best spas in the Lion City.

So Spa

Indulge in pampering sessions while here.

Located within an authentic 19th-century building, this exquisite spa offers a whole host of massage and facial treatments that are crafted to your specific needs and wants. The combination of classic, urban architecture and abundant verdancy provides a relaxed ambience. Enjoy your time here while listening to the sound of the waterfalls in this vast enclave.


A 24-hour oasis of relaxation, g. Spa combines new and old to create an environment that allows you to just let loose for a holistic and rich experience. Imagine a body message and traditional Chinese treatment that focus on bringing balance to your body’s energy flow. Also worth noting, they offer some interesting packages such as a hen’s night out or even one for an entire company retreat.


A five-star resort’s spa is an experience that goes beyond pampering by making sure health and overall well-being are emphasised as well. Combining natural ingredients and indigenous methods and therapies, Auriga offers a number of facilities such as a Herbal Steam Room, Ice Fountain, and even a couple suite, which like all the other suites gives you access to a private garden.


Here’s a spa that focuses on water as a treatment technique, offering a hammam and an Ice Fountain, which is inspired by the ancient European tradition of using snow as a cleansing technique, providing regenerative benefits for the body. The design of this place also heavily emphasises water in terms of colours and materials, which is in stark contrast to other places with its less tropical look.

Willow Stream

A calming refuge from the daily hustle.

Offering an exquisite spa experience, Willow Stream crafts its spa treatments according to the local environment and has garnered a reputation for its invigorating service, which allows you to feel refreshed while getting the best therapy possible. The goal is to step away from the noise and bustle of Singapore to be delightfully indulged in a holistically beneficial way.

Ikeda Spa

A Japanese-inspired experience like no other, you will feel like you’ve been brought right into some quaint little hamlet in the Far East when you step in here. The key guiding principle for this space is something called ‘omotenashi’, which roughly translates to hospitality without pretension or expectations. You will find yourself immersed in a proper ryokan experience while here, and it’s definitely an experience to be had.


A horticultural retreat in Singapore, this is for those who believe being in tune with nature offers the best remedy to their maladies. Within its first year of opening, they were given the ‘Best Spa Experience Award’ in 2006 by the Singapore Tourism Board and it’s clear why. Using a whole host of natural ingredients and being located within a national park, you will get the finest natural experience while here.

St. Gregory

One of the more unique places in that it offers some traditional Southeast Asian techniques such as Javanese and Thai healing, which highlight different philosophies and concepts in terms of treatment and overall wellness. St. Gregory promotes four key pillars of therapy, fitness, aesthetics, and active ageing – and its services reflect that with the tailored treatments.


Calm your nerves with a relaxing treatment.

Located within the city centre itself, this establishment has garnered quite a reputation as a luxury spa venue in Singapore. Inspired by the natural thermal spas in Southern Italy, this is a perfect place to let loose if you are often in the heart of the city. Also noteworthy is the fact it is right by a mineral pool and was even named by Conde Nast as one of Asia’s Best City Spas in 2011.

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