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Courtesy of Unnata® Aerial Yoga
Courtesy of Unnata® Aerial Yoga
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Hip Studios to Get a Great Workout in Singapore

Picture of Prianka Ghosh
Updated: 25 January 2017
Boredom is certainly not an acceptable excuse for giving up on your New Year fitness goals in Singapore. It seems that a new exercise trend is arriving at our sunny shores every other week, to help you get fit and have fun at the same time. Whether you want to defeat gravity, limit the amount of impact on your joints or complete your workout routine in just 20 minutes, there are plenty of hip studios around the island to ramp up your motivation.
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True Yoga

True Yoga offers 35 types of yoga, with classes suitable for all fitness levels. One of the most popular sessions is Hot & Hip Therapy, which recently snatched the title of Best Strength and Conditioning Yoga Class in the Shape Sports Awards 2017. In this workout, the instructor goes through traditional hatha poses in a studio heated to 39°C. Designed to improve movement of the hips, the class is thought to be great for relieving pain and stiffness in this area.

9 Scotts Rd, Singapore. T: +65 6733 9555

Courtesy of True Yoga

Award-winning yoga studio | Courtesy of True Yoga

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Upside Motion

After hot yoga, the latest trend to take the industry by storm is aerial yoga, where participants perform asanas in soft, fabric hammocks suspended from the ceiling. At Upside Motion, instructors go through basic balancing poses, from a beginner level and increasing in difficulty and acrobatic skill level. These exercises help to improve physical attributes, such as posture and breathing, while simultaneously showing the mental benefits of practising yoga.

36 Armenian St #02-03, Singapore. T: +65 6636 6859

Courtesy of

Aerial yoga suspended in hammocks | Courtesy of

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A hybrid workout combining elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates, the barre trend started in 2008 and WeBarre is Singapore’s first boutique studio. Using a ballet bar for balance, participants focus on holding their body still, while working specific muscles. Barre has become popular with celebrities such as Madonna and even the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Besides the classic sessions, WeBarre also offers a HIIT version that combines barre exercises and high-intensity interval training using your own body weight.

86 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore. T: +65 6221 5539

Courtesy of WeBarre

Fusion fitness craze barre | Courtesy of WeBarre

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The craze for underwater spinning gives the benefits of a cardio workout, without the associated drawback of high impact on the joints. At Singapore’s AquaSpin™ studio, stationary bikes are fully submerged in cool water. This added resistance means participants burn more calories than if they were to perform the same exercises at a normal spinning class – high-intensity underwater sessions blast close to 800 calories in an hour. Another benefit is that you’ll experience less muscle soreness and a lower heart rate, while still getting the same great workout.

6 Fort Canning Road, #03-00 YWCA, Singapore. T: +65 9698 9202

Courtesy of AquaSpin

Underwater spinning | Courtesy of AquaSpin

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If you’re looking for a more casual workout or one you can do with the whole family, indoor rock climbing is a sport that’s loved by people of all ages. The activity improves upper body strength and balance, but also teaches the importance of teamwork and helps develop cognitive processes as climbers have to constantly plan their route in advance of each move. Located in the Singapore Sports Hub, ClimbCentral is the tallest indoor-climbing venue in the country and offers both walk-in sessions as well as classes teaching the basic fundamentals and safety rules of the sport.

#B1-01 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Pl, Singapore. T: +65 6702 7972

Courtesy of Climb Central

Tallest indoor climbing centre in Singapore | Courtesy of Climb Central

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Ritual gym

Ritual is aimed at people who are determined to reach their fitness goals but are short of time or hate the hassle of going to the gym. During your first few sessions, coaches will show you how you can do a full-body workout in just 20 minutes. And the ultimate goal is to exercise, shower and be out the door with a smoothie from its refuel bar in half an hour. One of the best inconveniences Ritual has taken care of is the need to carry a heavy workout bag filled with smelly exercise clothes all day; instead, simply use the gym’s stock of fresh towels, exercise clothes and body products.

11 North Canal Road, #03-01, Singapore. T: +65 6536 7291

Ritual Gym

A new revolution in gyms | Courtesy of Ritual Gym