Guinness World Records Only Singapore Could Have Set

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Prianka Ghosh

One of the most popular Singlish phrases in Singapore’s highly competitive environment is ‘kiasu’, referring to someone who tries hard to get ahead of others. Considering this, it should come as no surprise that Singapore has quite a high number of Guinness World Records, and some of them are rather odd.

Largest curry

In August 2015, the Indian Chefs and Culinary Association of Singapore prepared a 15.3-tonne (16.91-ton) curry as part of the annual Suvai culinary event in a park so spectators could watch.

Imagine this…times 33,000 or so

Largest reunion of people born in the same hospital

One of the more obscure ones – the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) wanted to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of earning its first Guinness World Record for the highest number of births in one year in 1966 by attempting to break the record for the largest reunion of people born at the same hospital. With 2,241 participants they successfully broke the record previously held by The Medical City and History in the Philippines.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)

First Formula One night race (and first street circuit in Asia)

In 2008, the Singapore Grand Prix hosted a Formula One night race on the Marina Bay Street circuit, setting a dual record for being the first street circuit in Asia. This record is distinctly Singaporean: organizers hosted the races at night to mitigate the effect of Singapore’s equatorial climate on the temperature of the cockpit, but even then the temperature can still reach 60°C (140°F)!

Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore, Sunday 20 September 2015. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid, leads Nico Rosberg, Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid at the restart.

Largest game of musical chairs at a single venue

This rather old record still stands today. In 1989, Singapore’s Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) organised a game of musical chairs with 8,238 people. The game took three and a half hours until 15-year-old Xu Chong Wei nabbed the final chair.

Musical chairs

Most expensive coffee pod

Of course, the country that consistently tops the ranks of places with the highest cost of living would have the most expensive novelty coffee. As of early 2017, Medano Coffee Pte Ltd sells for SGD$388 (£215.43/$277.59) per five-pod set or SGD$77.60 (£43.07/$55.52) per pod.

Coffee pods

Largest collection of turtle and tortoise items

Danny and Connie Tan have been collecting turtle- and tortoise-themed things for nearly 40 years. Today, the collection stands at a total of 3,456 items including 1,000 live specimens. This collection can be seen at The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum, located in the Chinese Gardens.

The African Spurred Tortoise, The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum, Chinese Garden, Singapore

Largest fountain

In 1997, the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City Mall earned the title of World’s Largest Fountain. The main ring of the fountain has a circumference of 66 metres (216.53 feet) and stands at a height of 13.8 metres (45.28 feet). The entire fountain covers 1,683 m² (18,115.66 sq ft) in the centre of retail and office towers. Sadly, the Fountain of Wealth lost its crown to The Sahagu Office of Busan in 2010.

Fountain of Wealth

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