11 Malaysian Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

Colourful | © Ah Wei (Lung Wei) / Flickr
Wei Li Ng

It’s 2018, and Instagrammers are leading the charge on culture trends and popular aesthetics. But the Internet is a tricky place. It blurs geographical distinctions so easily and often that it’s difficult to place where Instagrammers are from, based on their bios. Here are 11 popular Instagrammers we know are from sunny Malaysia.



DuDu Doodles The World plays with his food. He paints with coffee and pairs photos of food with doodles of Toy Story or Disney characters, and anything that strikes his fancy. His Instagram feed features an impressive wall of creativity, designed to delight, inspire, and make his followers hungry all at once. In addition to being a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast and food hunter, DuDu Doodles The World also travels the globe, sharing the spotlight his art gains with delicious looking food from different countries.

Nana Safiana


There is a sense of quiet introspection in Nana Safiana’s Instagram travel photos. A documentary photographer by profession, Nana has a knack for capturing the awe-inspiring—whether it’s mountain landscapes or portraits. Her photos have a slight desaturated wash that invokes a sense of romance, coupled with an intelligent use of negative space. These features create an impressive, calming Instagram feed.

Samantha Lee


Samantha Lee deals with edible art. She arranges croissants into lobsters and rice balls into owls. Each piece bursts with enough whimsy and colour to brighten up any day (and to convince a fussy child to finish her meal).



On Instagram, a popular aesthetic involves arranging objects into a neat, contrived order. Redhongyi takes this idea to a whole new level, developing graphic art pieces out of different materials. Playing with materials that are both organic (flower petals) and inorganic (fabric), the world within Redhongyi’s art is one where objects fit together like puzzle pieces and create something wonderful.



Mycafefood’s Instagram wall is a visual gastronomic delight. Each piece documents an offering from a cafe in Malaysia (hence the username), geo-tagged so you can make the trip there yourself, and taken in such flattering angles and lighting that it should be classified as food porn. A veritable feast for the eyes and an inspiration for where to have lunch next.



The owner of this account, Lee Ee Vee, is not only the co-founder of The Last Polka ice cream brand, based in Malaysia, but she is a also a KL-based designer responsible for austere, geometric, and eye-catching ceramic pieces. Her feed features pieces she developed, fresh from the kiln. These include crockery in fetching millennial pink and angular flowerpots with a dash of Scandi flair.



Zarninzar’s carefully curated Instagram page is wanderlust made incarnate. Everything is picturesque and looks like someone’s idea of Shangri-La. His pictures of travel veer toward the green and shores with white-crested waves. Going through his photos is like pressing “snooze” on a Monday and going on vacation in your head.



Glimpse into a more romantic side of Malaysia through Syukri Shairi’s wonderful pen-nib drawings. His visual journals are impossibly crisp, intricate sketches that any hipster cafe would be proud to frame. Even chaos looks beautiful through his lines. But his visual journals are not confined to sketches of Malaysia, and his Instagram feed is not limited to his art. Instead, his wall presents a thoughtful traveler, exploring how the world works by sketching it.



Chryseis Tan is a celebrity in her own right. Heir to the Berjaya dynasty and a successful entrepreneur, she lives the high life and brings her 292,000 followers with her. From a view of her private jet to dream-like photos of her fairy-tale wedding, Chryseis’ Instagram account is a guaranteed vicarious viewing pleasure.



Smashpop (a.k.a. Jason) gains plenty of followers and likes from his gorgeous shots of gadgets and his whimsical set-ups of Toy Story figures next to his coffee. Interspersed with those images are wonderful shots of Kuala Lumpur. With a talent for capturing the beauty in the everyday, he makes the ordinary poignant, letting his followers see a different side to Malaysia.



And last but not least, check out the official Instagram page of the Malaysian tourism board. Displaying Malaysia’s myriad of wonders in their full majesty, the page is enough to prompt a quick check of flight prices. Be tempted by blue seas, cendol with juicy grass jellies in a packet, or the cute face of a baby monkey. This Instagram page boasts of how life in Malaysia is lived in technicolour.

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