Fashion Bloggers from Lebanon You Need to Follow

Danas street style
Dana's street style | © Dana Hourani

Street style bloggers are today’s trendsetters, and Lebanon is no exception. Here are the stylish Lebanese bloggers you should be following to find out about everything fashionable in the Middle Eastern country.

Layal Ghosn

As a Lebanese girl raised in Los Angeles and living in Dubai, Layal has truly global tastes. Her minimalist style speaks to the millennial generation that she belongs to. While clean-cut lines and black fabrics dominate her feed, her outfits are never devoid of a whimsical quality that reveals her Cali girl spirit. Layal is not a slave to fashion, she commands it. She is immersed in the industry as she’s worked in PR for major brands in Dubai. Layal believes in sustainable fashion and encourages others to embrace affordable trends.

Layal’s street style

Maya Moussa

Despite having started actively blogging just a year ago, Maya has gained quite a following. Her Parisienne style and cool looks set her apart from others. She is also fully immersed in the fashion industry, having graduated from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and worked as a senior editor for a fashion magazine. Maya is definitely a fashion power-house as she now freelances, blogs, raises her adorable daughter and is expecting another child. Hers is definitely a fashionable household.

Maya Moussa’s street style

Manar Asaad

Manar Asaad is rapidly gaining a following for her on-trend modest style. Manar is an arts students from Tripoli who’s inspiring thousands with her style. She is one of the only bloggers in the coastal city, and has earned her place among the fashionable. Manar’s style is defined by everything oversized and layered; she expertly mixes refined and flowy silhouettes.

Manar’s eclectic style

Amar Sibai

Another art student from Tripoli, this blogger has both fashion and beauty down. Amar‘s style is defined by an edgy chic that reflects the most modern of styles. She combines both casual and clean-cut elements to create looks with subtle beauty.

Amar’s edgy cleancut style

Lara Ajouz

Lara is the ultimate blogger: she covers fashion, lifestyle, beauty and more. She recently kick-started her career on Youtube and shows big potential. Lara‘s style is shabby-chic with a touch modernity. Her blog is very personal and relatable, and there’s something effortless about her style that speaks to people seeking an effortless aesthetic. Lara doesn’t follow trends, as she makes her individuality her asset.

Lara’s individuality

Dana Hourani

Dana Hourani is the most established blogger on this list. Fashion is truly Dana‘s art; it’s not only an expression of beauty to her but a statement of ideology. Dana sees the true value of fashion in the world and reflects this in her classic style. She combines clean lines with statement pieces to create outfits that belong more in an editorial than in everyday life.

Dana’s street style

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