This Magical Candy Reveals a New Scene With Every Slice, And It's Beautiful

| © Nagatoya

Sick of Snickers? Tired of Toblerone?

If ordinary candy bars just aren’t doing it for you, you need to sink you sweet tooth into something a little different.

Gourmet candy maker Nagatoya has created a magical-looking candy that tells a story as you slice into it, and it looks incredible.

With each slice, you see the bird spread its wings and fly towards the moon

The ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ candy bar is a block of flavoured jelly that displays a new scene with every slice of its length.

Each slice shows a bird, moon and sky delicately crafted out of sweet jelly. With every new slice, you see the bird spread its wings and fly towards to moon, giving the sweet its name. In the background is a sky and a mountain range.

The gourmet candy costs £23 per piece

And, of course, it tastes delicious as well as looking exquisite. The top and bottom layers of the candy are a red bean jelly, the clear part if champagne and the moon and bird are lemon flavoured. Pieces of cranberry, raisin and Japanese walnut are embedded in the top layer.

Award-winning artist Reika Masuda illustrated the beautiful gift box that the candy is presented in. The artistry of the box and the sweet means that you’ll have to shell out to enjoy it – it costs ¥3,500 (£23).

The candy is flavoured with champagne, lemon and red bean paste
The box is designed by the artist

It’s recommended that you cut the bar of jelly into seven to 10 pieces to enjoy the scene that runs through it, just like a stick of rock.

If you want a considered dessert that will look as good as it tastes, this piece of art you can eat is definitely for you.

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