The Best Restaurants In Akihabara

Akihabara | © Lan Pham/Unsplash
Alicia Joy

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Tokyo’s iconic Electric Town has made a name for itself as the city’s anime, gaming and otaku cultural center. Akihabara may be home to plenty of maid cafés and quirky eateries, but the restaurant scene mainly has a reputation for comfort food and delicious yoshoku – Western food with a distinctive Japanese twist. These are Akihabara’s best restaurants.

1. Kikanbo

Restaurant, Japanese, Ramen

Karashibi ramen from Kikanbo
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A ramen restaurant beloved for their spicy miso ramen, which goes from a regular level of spice up to the spiciest known as oni (demon). Order your ramen and sides including broth, spice and topping from the vending machine before sitting down.

2. Nemurian

Restaurant, Japanese

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Individually owned and operated Nemurian specializes in soba – buckwheat noodles that are popular chilled in summer and served hot in winter. They offer traditional styles as well as modern variations, and also carry vegetarian tofu options.

3. Marugo

Restaurant, Japanese

This traditionally-styled restaurant serves up tonkatsu, a popular, filling comfort food: crispy fried pork cutlets on a bed of cabbage, served with soup and freshly steamed rice. The counter-style bar is great for solo diners.

4. Kintarou Sushi

Restaurant, Restaurant with Rooms, Sushi, Japanese

Fine sushi in an Edo-style atmosphere. Witness the fresh dishes being prepared by the chef in the open kitchen. English website and menu available.

5. Tempura Hisago

Restaurant, Japanese

Crispy, fried tempura strikes the perfect balance between comfort food and healthy eating. Tempura Hisago makes Edo-style tempura. Like many traditional Japanese restaurants, it features an open kitchen facing the counter seats.

6. Tachinomi Kushigin

Bar, Japanese

Chicken liver yakitori
© Shellack/WikiCommons

Tachinomi’ are standing-room only izakaya (casual gastropubs) that serve up cheap and delicious eats. Tachinomi Kushigin is ideal for a late-night snack of yakitori – grilled chicken skewers.

7. Yukari

Restaurant, Japanese

Yukari is an okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) restaurant where diners can cook up their own meals around an enormous hot plate. These types of restaurants are best enjoyed among large groups, but are fun for couples, too.

8. Gyu no Tatsujin

Restaurant, Japanese

Located conveniently close to Akihabara Station, Gyu no Tatsujin specializes in yakiniku – grilled meats or barbecue. They offer lunch specials and private dining options for large groups. English menu and staff available.

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