The Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Tokyo

Umami Burger
Umami Burger | © Jun Seita / Flickr
Alicia Joy

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In a city where space is at a premium, and indoor smoking laws are lax, it can be difficult to find child-friendly restaurants in Japan’s capital. Culture Trip rounds up some honorable mentions to take the stress out of family mealtime outings in Tokyo.

1. Cafe Chano-ma

Cafe, Restaurant, European

Chano-ma near Daikanyama, Shibuya
© Tatsuo Yamashita / Flickr
Cafe Chano-ma is known for their comfortable mattress-style lounge seating and relaxed atmosphere. But it also happens to be one of the most family-friendly restaurants in Tokyo and not only because those famous cozy seats are a perfect place to lie down your little ones for a nap. Chano-ma is especially popular with new mothers, thanks to the fully equipped nursing room and diaper-changing station. Hot milk for formula and high chairs are available upon request.

2. Organic Café Lulu

Restaurant, Japanese, Gluten-free

Organic Café Lulu provides both healthy, guilt-free eating for adults and a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere for kids. The faux-grass flooring is gentle on stocking feet, and the child-sized playhouse is perfect for keeping the little ones entertained. Find Organic Café Lulu near Kiyosumi Garden and Kiba Park. Closed weekends.

3. Genki Sushi

Restaurant, Sushi

Sushi at Genki Sushi
© Doods Dumaguing / Flickr

Since many sushi bars in Japan will be either too narrow to sit comfortably with young children, or too classy to empathize with noisy ones, kaitenzushi or conveyor belt sushi restaurants are a happy medium and great for families. At Genki Sushi, you’ll get great value for money and plenty of choices to keep the whole family happy. And since each plate offers only a modest serving of food, kids are less likely to waste.

4. 76 Cafe

Cafe, Japanese

If sharing space with secondhand smoke is of concern to you, head to 76 Cafe in Omotesando. This casual dining café recently switched over to a fully non-smoking environment. While it may look tiny from the outside, the basement acts as a secondary dining space—though, with no elevators, you’ll have to park your stroller outside. A children’s menu is available.

5. Maisen

Restaurant, Japanese

Sausage, chicken karaage and fried fish balls; appetizers at Maisen Tokyo
© istolethetv / Flickr

If you’re craving Japanese comfort food, head to Maisen. This popular tonkatsu (fried, breaded pork cutlet) restaurant is spacious and great for families with children. It sits near the intersection of Omotesando and Aoyama-dori.

6. Kichiri Mollis

Restaurant, Japanese

For something a little classier, try Kichiri Mollis. This modern restaurant in Shinjuku has large, spacious tables cordoned off for a more private and relaxed dining experience. Soft floors and a no-shoes policy mean you don’t have to worry about the kids getting caught underfoot. Children’s meals are available.

7. Umami Burger

Restaurant, North American

Umami Burger
© Jun Seita / Flickr

L.A.-based Umami Burger set up shop in the land of umami—the elusive “fifth taste” of our tastebuds—Japan, in spring 2017. Many of the burgers here are only-in-Japan originals; they also offer the classic original “Umami Burger.” They have a children’s menu to make ordering for the little ones easy.

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