The Best Cafés in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

The french district of Kagurazaka, Tokyo.
The french district of Kagurazaka, Tokyo. | © Didier ZYLBERYNG / Alamy Stock Photo
Alicia Joy

Tokyo Writer

Kagurazaka’s captivating fusion of old and new Japan, infused with a European touch, creates an enticing tapestry of café culture in the area. Step into the historic Kagurazaka district and discover a delightful array of cafés, where you can experience the traditional art of tea in a charming Japanese house or savor the flavors of Italy at an enchanting café nestled along the serene canal. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey as we unveil the best cafés that Kagurazaka has to offer, showcasing the rich blend of cultural influences that make this district a true treasure for coffee and tea enthusiasts alike.

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Shimada Cafe

Morning Call Chicory Coffee

Shimada Cafe is a bar and café combo, featuring rustic European décor punctuated with greenery and terrace seating on nice days. By day it’s a bright and sunny café, but in the evenings the candles and lanterns come out and the mood eases back a bit. Their claim to fame is the secret Kagurazaka French toast recipe, which can sell out fast when they get busy.

Canal Cafe

One of Kagurazaka’s most well-known eateries, Canal Cafe is located on a large manmade canal. It has a picturesque, European feel, and the menu is Italian inspired. Because of the desirable setting, the café is available for special events like weddings and work functions, too.

Café Kitsuné

Situated in the heart of Kagurazaka, Café Kitsuné combines Japanese aesthetics with a touch of Parisian flair. This stylish café offers a serene ambiance to enjoy meticulously brewed coffee and delectable pastries. Experience the perfect blend of cultures while indulging in a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.

Akomeya Tokyo

Embrace the art of Japanese tea at Akomeya Tokyo, a treasure trove of premium teas and traditional treats. Housed in a beautifully restored machiya (traditional Japanese townhouse), this café immerses visitors in the world of tea culture. Savor the delicate flavors of matcha and explore an array of Japanese teas in a tranquil setting that celebrates the country’s rich heritage.

Aun Tea Room

Aun Tea Room offers an exquisite blend of Japanese and Western influences, resulting in a unique café experience. Indulge in a diverse range of teas and savor delicate pastries in a refined and serene setting. With its fusion of flavors and tranquil ambiance, Aun Tea Room provides a delightful retreat for tea lovers.

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