The Best Teppanyaki Joints In Kyoto, Japan

A teppanyaki buffet
A teppanyaki buffet | © Giorgio Minguzzi/Flickr
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Teppanyaki is a Japanese way of grilling different kinds of ingredients on an iron plate, producing a smoky, mouth-watering meal. While most teppanyaki places will have an open kitchen, restaurants differ in the ingredients they use. Check out some of our favorite teppanyaki venues in Kyoto.

広島 お好み焼きたむちゃん

1. Kyoto Yachimun (京都 やちむん)

Restaurant, Japanese, Sushi

Teppanyaki Grill
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The founder of Kyoto Yachimun, Miwa Tatsuhiko, opened up this restaurant in 2003 after living in Okinawa where he ran a retail shop. Deeply impressed by Okinawa, Miwa borrows the Okinawa culinary cultures and introduces Kyoto Yachimun as “a little Okinawa”. If you want to try something beyond Kyoto teppanyaki, Kyoto Yachimun is your place.

2. Teppan Manryu (鉄板焼き 萬隆)

Restaurant, Japanese, Sushi, Asian, Vegetarian

© jit bag/Flickr
Chef Teppan Manryu, who originated from Fusumaya, was inspired to put innovative ideas into teppanyaki after moving to Gion, Kyoto. Embracing the motto of serving a wide range of customers, Teppan Manryu explores different ingredients in an attempt to cater to the appetites of the world, from Chinese to Westerners. It strikes a balance between the innovative elements and the traditional taste of teppanyaki. Not only does Teppan Manryu offer a wide range of food in Teppanyaki-style, but, with an open kitchen, you might be invited to have a taste of cooking your food by yourself on a teppan.

Itoh Dining (伊藤ダイニング)

Itoh Dining has been serving teppanyaki in Nobu style and specializing in Kobe beef, for 50 years. Committed to attaining a high standard of fresh and safe ingredients, Itoh Dining is interior is a traditional Japanese house style design, with spectacular interior design, furniture and lighting. Reserve a table to guarantee a night of fine dining among the picturesque scenery inside and outside the restaurant.


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