How to Tell If You're One Half of a Bakkapuru

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Alicia Joy

Tokyo Writer

Bakkapuru is a word you might have heard in anime circles. It’s that lovely-dovey couple that flaunts their affection and wears their hearts on their sleeves wherever they go, much to the annoyance of everyone around them. And we’ve all probably been a part of one at some point. If you and your SO check four or more things off this list, chances are you’re one half of what those in Japan call a bakkapuru (“stupid couple”).

You wear matching outfits.

Wearing matching outfits with your infant son or daughter is cute, but wearing matching outfits with your significant other is something else. Nevertheless, especially in East Asia, matching girlfriend-boyfriend outfits are totally a thing. It’s literally wearing your relationship status on your arm and making sure everyone around you knows how in love you are.

Twinning by the tulips

You go to typical date spots.

These couples love tried-and-tested date spots. Date night clichés like ferris wheels, movie theaters, shopping malls, and theme parks are prime spotting grounds for bakkapuru.

Show at Tokyo Disneyland

You take coordinated photos…lots of them.

The essential bakkapuru portrait is more than just the usual romantic kiss. You coordinate facial expressions, body language, and anything else you can think of to ensure you get your message across: you’re so in love, you’re in sync.

One, two, three…go!

You take classes together.

As one half of a bakkapuru, it’s difficult for you to be apart from your other half. So instead of nurturing your separate interests, you take classes together instead. Besides, fitness, cooking, and any class that requires designated clothing or uniforms is another great excuse to coordinate your outfits.

You’re a total over-sharer on SMS.

Facebook, Instagram, and other SMS are the perfect platform to share your personal love story. Public declarations of love, unsolicited thank you speeches, and celebrating the month-by-month anniversary of the day you became a couple ensures everyone – sometimes including perfect strangers – knows just how in love you both are.

Social media apps

You engage in high-level PDA.

Regardless of the audience, the bakkapuru shamelessly engages in public displays of affection – the least of which is a smooch – for all to see. Public displays of affection make many people feel uncomfortable, partly because they’ve unwillingly been forced into the role of voyeur, or otherwise feel obligated to look away and respect your privacy.

Sharing a moment

You have matching accessories.

A step above the classic matching weddings bands or promise rings, having matching accessories – like backpacks, hats, or sunglasses – is a way to show you’re paired off that’s only slightly less in-your-face than matching outfits. Also includes matching tattoos.

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