10 Best Restaurants In South Higashiyama, Kyoto

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Kyoto, Japan, lets history lovers explore ancient spots such as Gion, Sanjusangen-do Temple and Maruyama-koen Park. It also attracts many food lovers so we’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants.

Kaiseki l

1. Kyoryori Shigure

Restaurant, Japanese

Kyoto Kiyomizu
© xiquinhosilva/Flickr
Kyoryori Shigure, opened in 1913 in Maruyama Park, is surrounded by historical sites such as Yasaka Shrine, Chion-in and Shōren-in. Not only can you experience the rich atmosp here of Japanese history here, but the restaurant provides the best versions of Kyoto cuisines. The restaurant incorporates fresh and seasonal Japanese ingredients into kaiseki, nabe and other cuisines in its monthly menu. With their sincerity to customers and enthusiasm for Kyoto cuisines, you will have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. You can even enjoy watching cherry blossoms outside the restaurant in April and continue your journey of Japanese history after the delicious meal.

2. Tsuburano

Restaurant, Japanese, Sushi

The restaurant coated by stones and stones alley
Courtesy of Kyoto Kamikura
Tired of sushi and ramen? Tsuburano is your place. Especially renowned for its Kyoto vegetables and matcha dessert, Tsuburano puts modern and traditional elements of Japanese garden together to provide customers with an elegant dining experience. They procure the freshest, best quality ingredients to create tasty delights, such as their hugely popular matcha dessert, made from the highest quality green tea. Tsuburano is only a few minutes’ walk from the spectacular Kiyomizu-Dera, a Buddhist temple and UNESCO World Heritage site.

3. Kyoto Kamikura

Restaurant, Japanese

Mackerel Sabazushi
© chezshai/Flickr
If you want to dine in Kyoto Kamikura, remember to reserve a seat at least a day before you go there. With only 12 seats inside, the restaurant provides diners with an exclusive and intimate environment to enjoy the most authentic Kaiseki ryori. The restaurant chef, who specializes in traditional Kyoto cuisines, will prepare your food in front of you with impressive performance and skill. Made from ingredients of high quality, served in an elegant display, the food presents the harmony of Kyoto cuisine.

4. Izuu

Restaurant, Japanese

Craving some sophisticated tastes of sushi? Wanting to try an authentic Kyoto dish? Izuu has got you covered, serving some of the best traditional Kyoto-style sushi in Higashiyama. Saba sugata zushi (pressed sushi) and mackerel sushi are two of the favorites here. Izuu offers to-go menus too, so their celebrated sushi can be enjoyed anywhere. Anago Hako Pressed Sushi l © Alpha/Flickr

5. Izuju

Restaurant, Japanese

Izuju is a popular sushi place. It introduces a new concept of sushi to those who have never tried authentic Kyoto style sushi, by surprising you through compressing sushi in a box or a tube, known as Oshizushi or ‘pressed sushi’. The freshness of the raw fish is further revealed with soy sauce and wasabi. Izuju is highly valued for its high quality sushi, affordable price and convenient location (close to Yasaka Shrine in Gion). Una-don eel on rice l © Jeremy Keith/Flickr

6. Uokeya U (祇園う)

Restaurant, Japanese

Japanese Tea Set
© CJ/Flickr
Uokeya U is an eel restaurant, putting rice with freshly caught eel and specially seasoned sauce in a barrel. Decorated with barrels, Uokeya U allows you to enjoy your meal on a tatami (a mat to cover the floor in traditional Japanese home) and experience Japanese culinary cultures to the fullest. No wonder it has gained a Michelin star. Pay a visit after going to Gion.

7. Bunnosuke-jaya

Restaurant, Japanese

Kyoto National Museum
© Japanexperterna.se/Flickr
Bunnosuke-jaya, located next to Yasaka no To Pagoda (Hokan-ji), is famous for its homemade desserts, ranging from matcha and red bean mochi to chestnut anmitsu. Founded by a Rakugo actor, the restaurant adopts old-fashioned recipes to remind diners of the old Japanese tastes. Small packaged sweet desserts are available for you bring back this nostalgic taste to your friends at home.

8. IL PAPPALARDO Italian Restaurant

Bar, Pizzeria, Restaurant, Japanese, Fast Food, Vegetarian

© Francis Fabie Flickr
Close to Kyoto National Museum, Il Pappalardo Italian Restaurant gives you a little break from the intense experience of Japanese food and culture. Its pizzas are freshly made with fine ingredients, enticing many local people to pay a visit regularly. Perfect for home-sick Europeans and curious locals.

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