The Top 11 Instagram Accounts To Follow In Tel Aviv

Ruthie Berber

Instagram is commonplace for coffee aficionados everywhere to congregate and share their best shots of all things coffee. Tel Aviv’s flourishing coffee culture has made its mark on the photo-sharing platform too. We have selected our favourite Tel Aviv-based accounts to get your aesthetically pleasing virtual coffee fix.

Espresso Elixir

Caffe Diemme Israel

A collection of Caffe Diemme in action all over Israel, this account features everything from espressos enjoyed by the sunset to cappuccinos street side. Follow this account to get your caffeine fix in sheer Instagram-champion style.


Tel-Aviv Coffee

This aggregator account features the best of what Tel Aviv coffee culture has to offer straight “to your fingertips”. Simply hashtagging #TLVcoffee could land one of your own photos on TLVCoffee’s account. Follow this account for some serious coffee envy for all the places around the city you can enjoy your next cup.

The Rothschild Hotel

Roxy Vespa

If you simultaneously share a love of ultra-sleek Vespa’s, travel, coffee and food, then this Instagram account is for you. For coffee-lover’s of all gradients, Roxy Vespa’s gorgeous photos will make you thirsty for a frothy cappuccino, perched at a cafe on Tel Aviv’s sunny Rothschild Boulevard.

Morning ‘Stache

Rotem Levin

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, for Rotem Levin, as told by his Instagram account, he features food, coffee, his kids and “Israeli love.” For amusing coffees and insight to Tel Aviv’s cafe culture from the perspective of the consumer, follow this account.

Tel Aviv’s first filter only cafe, Brew Shop

Sharing Tables

Sharing is caring, especially on Instagram: hashtag #sharingtables to share what you’re consuming with the flavorful and chic dining and coffee-drinking Sharing Tables account. When two girls who love food and coffee come together and love the same city, Tel Aviv, you get the wonderfully foodie and coffee-lover’s perfection that is Sharing Tables.

“Clumsy and biscotti”

Lidor Perez

If you love coffee, alongside, before or after your run, then Lidor Perez’s Instagram is definitely for you. This account features glorious shots of perfectly positioned runner’s portions of caffeine and morning snacks, drenched in magical early bird lighting. For insight and inspiration to get up and get moving, well as some morning humor and motivation with coffee, this account is one to follow.

Perfect Espresso at Bundle

Caffe Costadoro Israel

Upon discovering the relatively new account, you will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality and originality seen in each of the photos. The account features the Italian company’s, Caffe Costadoro, products in action all over Israel, from cups, espressos to sugar packets, each subject is placed in ideal lighting and focus to make any coffee lover excited for their next fix.


Tamar Shamir

Sneak peak at the behind-the-scenes of Tel Aviv’s urban development with Tamar Shamir’s account, an Urban Planner and Advisor for National Infrastructure. Collecting all the daily moments of life in Tel Aviv, this account has plenty a perfect cup, presented from a wide spectrum of locations around the city.

Ethiopian pour-over filter


This talented barista with a passion for single origin filter coffee documents life behind the counter, from a coffee shop’s newest gadgets to precise latte art. This mellow account is perfect for getting in the mood to unwind and relax with a speciality cup of locally roasted coffee.

Morning espresso and seasonal flowers

Bar Lechem (בר לחם)

For those who like there coffee best alongside a freshly baked pastry or baguette, this account is for you. Almost all the pictures are taken at Shira Shacham’s workplace, Bar Lechem, one of Tel Aviv’s top designer bakeries. This gorgeous Instagram provides insight and behind-the-scenes delights of the cafe, from the perspective of the baker.

Cafelix Tel Aviv

Arden Rubens

This chic cross-continental account is a must-follow for fashionistas, coffee-lovers and foodies. With the best of both worlds, Arden Rubens mixes in travel shots, delicious Tel Aviv gems and gorgeous coffee displays.

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