The 10 Best Cafés and Coffee Shops in Jakarta

BEAU pastries and coffee
BEAU pastries and coffee | © BEAU
Edira Putri

In a bustling metropolitan like Jakarta, a caffeine fix is in continual demand, be it in the form of a morning coffee, afternoon tea, or warm evening latte. Whether it’s to survive morning traffic or to enjoy a relaxing after-hours chit-chat with friends, discover the 10 best coffee shops in Jakarta.

1. Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Cafe, Contemporary

1. Giyanti Coffee Roastery
© Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Located just across the famed antique street market on Jalan Surabaya, this coffee shop opens its doors to anyone from foreign tourists to local entrepreneurs. The invigorating coffee aroma is as welcoming as the vibrant contemporary design as soon as you enter. Proceed to the selection of hot or iced coffee, along with a selection of baked goods if you feel up to some delicious apple pie or carrot cake. Giyanti sources its coffee beans from across the country, including Bali Cobra, Java Arabica, and Papua Wamena.

2. 1/15 Coffee

Cafe, Asian, Indonesian, European

© 1/15 Coffee

The café’s sleek modern design goes well with the buzzing urban souls swirling in and out the establishment for a power-up. From early morning lattes to late-night espresso, their single origin coffee never disappoints. The delicious meals also make this café a favourite joint for any meals of the day, serving revitalising fruit bowls to a filling portion duck confit. 1/15 is also a growing establishment, with three independent shops in Jakarta so far, each a minimalist and charming space adorned with natural elements.

3. Tanamera

Cafe, European

© Couleur / Pixabay

There’s a reason Jakartans love this brand enough for it to set up camp all over the city. For one, they take their beans very seriously. Sourced from the best estates across the country, the coffee beans are roasted in a considered manner to bring out the best of their characteristics and specialities. Whether it’s single origin or blends, sourced from Sumatera or Sulawesi, Tanamera’s coffee is approved by Jakarta’s prominent coffee aficionados. Trusted as a coffee specialist, Tanamera holds training sessions for aspiring baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

4. Trafique Coffee

Cafe, European, American

© Trafique Coffee

The gorgeous brick façade doesn’t reflect a typical Jakarta building, and once you see it you’ll know you’re on to something unique and different. Inside, the charming decor and details scream vintage with a touch of quirkiness. The spacious seating area basks in the natural light from the big windows that let you see the neat greeneries outside. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their mix of soda with black coffee, Lestretto. Otherwise, their usual Arabica will definitely treat you well.

5. Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen

Cafe, Restaurant, European, American

Nestled behind Plaza Festival, this café is both hidden and centrally located at the same time. The bright, stunning white building has a grand and vintage feel to it, a rarity in Jakarta’s busiest business district of Kuningan. The elegant interior revolves around a big tree that grows in the middle of the building, another luxury amid the city’s concrete jungle. Brewing different beans from across the country, Lucky Cat is especially loved for its light-to-medium coffee taste, such as the famed cappuccino to go with a Western main course or light bites. However, you can also talk with the baristas and ask them to fix a thick, dark, serious cup of joe for you.

6. Bakoel Koffie

Cafe, Indonesian, European

© Bakoel Koffie

Crowned one of the oldest coffee shops in Jakarta, Bakoel has its roots back in the 1870s. Now run by the fourth generation of the family owner, the place has maintained an authentic vintage ambiance through a series of refurbishments over the years. The passionate owner devised his own way of roasting coffee beans, and in the 1930s started exporting his coffee powder abroad. Now, in addition to the famed robusta-arabica mix, you can also order classic cakes and fresh novelty drinks such as the avocado frost or choco lover.

7. Anomali

Cafe, Indonesian

© Free-Photos / Pixabay

One of the most established names on Jakarta’s coffee map, Anomali is famed for the speciality coffee from across the archipelago. Over the years and seven branches later, Anomali is still trusted for the premium quality craved by avid coffee enthusiasts. Being at the forefront of coffee education in the city, both their single-origins and espresso-based are prepared passionately and thoughtfully. From the Aceh Gayo to Luwak beans, you can expect consistent quality, both within the cup and pack. Each of the seven locations has cosy and open ambiance loved by young professionals and students alike.

8. Common Grounds

Cafe, American, European

Common Grounds| Courtesy of Common Grounds
© Common Grounds

Strategically located within the hub of business in Jakarta, Common Grounds brings splendid brunch and breakfast to the city’s most dynamic crowd, and they love it. Of course, like every other good breakfast, theirs includes an enlivening cup of coffee. Their speciality brews and cherished single origin artisan coffee come from the hands of trained, award-winning baristas. The high-quality coffee beans from Common Grounds are much sought-after and used by various cafés across the city.

9. BEAU by Talita Setyadi

Bakery, Cafe, Pastries, European

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 9.08.43 PM

The brainchild of a renowned pastry chef Talita Setyadi, the absolute highlight of this café is rather obvious. From different variants of filling sandwiches to sweet little cakes, BEAU brings it to the table with a guaranteed taste and picture-worthy presentation. And we all know what goes with delicious and freshly-baked pastries: an invigorating cup of coffee. BEAU’s coffee comes from the passionate and skilled hands at Common Grounds, with some original creations to try.

10. Six Ounces Coffee

Cafe, European, American

Despite sourcing some of its coffee from the renowned Giyanti, this café serves its own take and creations loved by many. From the intriguing iced honey latte to iced nutella milk coffee, even the regular espresso and affogato are a treat for coffee enthusiasts. What’s more is that Six Ounces serves excellent main courses, including one of the best burgers in town. Enjoy your coffee with a good book in hand or in between chit-chat with friends in the spacious and cosy space.

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