10 Stunning Volcanoes in Indonesia That Deserve a Visit

Mount Agung in Bali seen from Mount Rinjani in Lombok
Mount Agung in Bali seen from Mount Rinjani in Lombok | © Rosino/Flickr
Edira Putri

Located in the most active seismic region on the planet called the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesian volcanoes aren’t only the most exquisite, they are also the most dynamic and busy. For adventurous tourists, these are the most stunning volcanoes in Indonesia that deserve a visit.

1. Gunung Ijen

Natural Feature

Blue fire of Mount Ijen in 23 May 2016, Kawah ijen, Java, Indonesia.
© MTS_Photo / Shutterstock
A hike through Mount Ijen will not only reward visitors with a breathtaking nature view and cool breeze but also with rare blue sulfur flames blazing at its caldera. Local and international tourists have hiked this mountain for a sight of the otherworldly phenomenon and were not disappointed. Visitors can also bring back souvenirs sold by miners on the mountain, adorable statues carved from sulfur.

2. Gunung Semeru

Natural Feature

Mount Gunung semeru, Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java, Indonesia.
© People Image Studio / Shutterstock
Semeru is the highest peak in Java and the third-highest in Indonesia, placing it favorably on the list of stunning volcanoes to conquer in Indonesia. Its natural features do not disappoint, with vast savannah, stunning slopes, gorgeous freshwater lake, and a Brazilian verbena field before the summit. Hiking this mountain can be dangerous depending on the volcanic activity, so it’s best to check the status before embarking on the journey.

3. Gunung Kerinci

Natural Feature

Mount Kerinci viewed from Pelompek, Sumatra, Indonesia.
© Shannon Granger / Alamy Stock Photo
Mount Kerinci is the highest volcano peak in Indonesia, located in the island of Sumatra. At the summit, visitors can enjoy an unrestricted view to its surrounding cities, even the Indian Ocean. It has a large crater with brilliant green water, located near a clear swamp lake called Bento. But perhaps the most anticipated charm of this mountain is the thriving wildlife. Mount Kerinci is the natural habitat of the protected Sumatran tiger and rhinoceros, as well as other birds and wild species.

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