The Best Things to Do on a Night Out in Bangalore

Red sunset at Savandurga © Sudarshana/Flickr
Red sunset at Savandurga © Sudarshana/Flickr
Photo of Prabhu Gowda
29 June 2017

Bangalore’s nightlife has had its highs and lows over the past couple of decades. Blame the stern curfews or out-and-out misadventures, a night out in Bangalore was wishful thinking not long ago. Let bygones be bygones; for the city’s nightlife is burgeoning now. When the bustling ‘Silicon City of India’ comes to a standstill, the nightlife opens up endless possibilities. Here’s our picks for the best things to do on a night out in Bangalore.

Trekking and Camping

A penchant for trekking combined with the nightlife spirit gave Bangaloreans an eccentric yet tempting concept of night trek. Recent times have seen large turnouts at the hills situated at optimum distances from Bangalore. The night out begins with a ride to the foothill, followed by an enthralling trek culminating in a spectacular view of the sunrise.


Situated 40 miles from Bangalore, Antharagange is a hill known for its rugged terrains and small labyrinthine caves. Several trek groups from the city take occasional trips to Anthragange which includes cave exploration and night trek too. For what it’s worth, Antharagane—’Inner Ganges’ in Kannada—is an integration of the best things nature has to offer.

Antharagange | © Solarisgirl/Flickr

Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta, located in Pandavapura, Mandya is a place devoid of the cacophonies of Bangalore. A four hour journey to the jaggery town of Karnataka in the middle of the night will make sense with the first sight of the picturesque Kunti Betta. With the backdrop of Tonnur Kere and vast plantations, night trek and campfires at this hillock is as good as it gets for an exhilarating night out.

Kunti Betta | © Aditya Patawari


Widely regarded as the largest monolith hill in Asia, Savandurga is merely a stone’s throw away from Bangalore. The hill has historical significance owing to the Hoysalas and successive dynasties; Savandurga Fort bears testament to the aforementioned significance. Savandurga pleases the aesthetic senses of the night trekkers with its tranquil landscapes and ideal rocky formations for the climbers.

Due to the reverse of fortunes, Karnataka government has imposed restrictions on night trekking at several hills across the state. However, that hasn’t been austere enough to keep the enthusiasts from the hills. What is a night out without a bit of transgression say the trekkers!

Red sunset at Savandurga | © Sudarshana/Flickr


Owing to the dynamism of Bangalore, several eateries in and around town serve round the clock. Here are the popular ones to consider during a night out.

Rasta Cafe

This list is incomplete without a mention of Rasta Cafe for its undwindling status as Bangalore’s haven for nocturnal beings. The lifestyle cafe is open for 19 hours in a day and situated at a comfortable distance away from Bangalore. The continental cuisine offers decent food at a reasonable price to unwind and laze the night away under a warm ambience.

Sajjan Rao Circle

Sajjan Rao Circle in VV Puram, Bangalore is where the foodies flock, making it a jam-packed affair, especially at the weekends. From Mysore masala dosas to Gujarati sweets, streets at Sajjan Rao Circle are full of food which caters to customers’ liking. It’s a common practice among the night owls to drop by at Sajjan Rao Circle before kicking off the evening.

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South Parade – The Chancery Hotel

The quaint South Parade at The Chancery Hotel is open 24 hours a day which makes it apt for a night out. North Indian and continental cuisine at the South Parade is well equipped to whip up some decent food even at the wee hours.

Buffet at Chancery | © Charles Haynes/Flickr


Bangaloreans’ fixation with riding finds admirers in the desolate roads of Bangalore at night.


Ricochet sounds of bullet bikes and the thrum of super cars aren’t uncommon at the NICE road in the after hours. The extensive road with minimal intrusion is everything a road trip enthusiast will yearn for. Enjoy a laidback ride on these roads that have points of entry from several areas of Bangalore city.

Nice Road | © Swirl_blore/Flickr


Bangalore International Airport is situated a good few miles from the close-packed city area. The road to the airport is well-lit and wide with modest traffic in the wee hours. It is easy to stumble upon dhabas or some cafes that are open for the better part of the night en route to the airport.

Airport Road | © Rishabh Mathur/Flickr

Nandi Hills

Perhaps the best is saved for last. Take a detour on the way to the airport at the Chikkaballapura deviation and head towards Nandi Hills. The drive to the top of the hill can be demanding due to the meandering roads with sharp bends. However, the view of sunrise from the summit can be equally rewarding.

Sunrise at Nandi Hills | ©Karthik Sridharan

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