The Best Restaurants In Varanasi, India

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Varanasi or Benares, known for being the spiritual capital of India, is a wonderful place to discover a delicious range of ethnic flavors. We have selected the most noteworthy restaurants in Varanasi.

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1. Tandoor Villa

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Located in Nadesar, Tandoor Villa is a wonderful restaurant that specializes in North-Indian and Mughlai cuisine. This family-run restaurant serves an incredible array of spicy, fresh and colorful dishes which give the place a home-like ambiance with their aromatic scents floating in the air. While you’re enjoying a plateful of Mutton Hydrabadi Biryani don’t forget to accompany it with their signature brew – the Braveheart mocktail. With its warm interiors and attentive staff, this becomes one of the most crowded restaurants in Varanasi, especially during the weekends.

2. Ming Garden

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Pickled Vegetables
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The Ming Garden is one of the best places to grab Chinese food. The restaurant specializes in serving Asian delicacies, from steamy hot dumplings to crispy corn noodles. The place has a traditional decor and a friendly ambiance. An all-vegetarian menu make it ideal for vegan and vegetarian visitors. If you’re tired of practicing a Satvik diet, the Ming Garden indulges its customers with a rich assortment of herbs and native sauces. While the tofu noodles remain a favorite, you must also try the Chili Paneer. End your meal with a sweet temptation like the Sizzling Brownie.

3. Dosa Cafe

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If you’re looking for the best South-Indian flavors in town, head to the Dosa Cafe, which has been attracting large crowds of customers for years. As you come close to the Maan Mandir you’ll find the Dosa Cafe. This is a quaint little cafe that showcases rustic interiors, a warm ambiance and a diverse menu. The cafe specializes in a number of street food delicacies. Each dish is a fusion of global ingredients, rich in taste and quite budget-friendly. If you’re ordering the Strawberry Dosa or want to sample a different dish like the Italian Uttapam, you’re in for a treat.

4. Vegan & Raw Restaurant

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Salad, Vegan Delight
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Serving traditional, fresh and wholesome food, the Vegan & Raw Restaurant is located in the backyard of Brown Bread Bakery’s Organic Shop. It is ideal for those who are fans of the Satvik cuisine in India. The garden restaurant is a peaceful getaway from the city’s bustle and the medley of spicy street aromas hanging in the air. Offering a serene environment, the restaurant treats its visitors with live music concerts every Saturday and with their healthy dishes, made with ingredients fresh from the garden. This outdoor setup is a wonderful place to come if you’re looking to enjoy a lazy breakfast of muesli and a cup of warm herbal tea.

5. Aum Cafe

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Aum Cafe
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One of the most popular places to eat at in Assi Ghat, the Aum Cafe is a tiny establishment that serves up vegetarian delicacies. While the lower half of the building houses a textile and a knick-knack shop, the upper floor has been converted into a cafe that serves healthy comfort food. This hole-in-the-wall boutique cafe offers a cozy atmosphere and a partially organic menu. While the dal chilla is a favorite dish among many customers, you must also try their herb pasta. This is cooked in garlic and olive oil with cheesy crumbs on top.

6. I:ba Cafe & Restaurant

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Chana Masala
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With stony interiors, a rustic appeal and a fabulous menu that includes Japanese, American and North Indian treats, the I:ba Cafe & Restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Varanasi that offers non-vegetarian dishes. You will be able to relax in the quiet ambiance of this restaurant that delivers a refreshing range of dishes. Sit on a high chair or nestle comfortably on the couch. A cooler like their Mint Punch pairs well with a wholesome portion of fried chicken legs. If you’re looking for a substantial meal, try the Hamburger steak served alongside finger chips and garlic tomato or mayonnaise teriyaki sauce.

7. Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe

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Pizza, Veg
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An extremely popular hangout, the Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe is nestled by the banks of the River Ganges. Offering outdoor seating and a continental-inspired menu, this riverside spot is a popular place. It promises a decadent evening. Order a Mediterranean-style dish in this establishment that offers a blend of cosmopolitan interiors and natural surroundings. Try the heavenly mushroom garlic pizza. If you’re looking for a sweet treat, go for their delicious apple pie.

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