The Best Day Trip Destinations from Pune

The Sahyadri Mountain Range
The Sahyadri Mountain Range | © Dipankar Ghosh | Flickr
Photo of Vishal Ingole
8 January 2018

The city of Pune in Maharashtra is blessed in many ways. Situated beside the river Mutha, Pune not only enjoys ambient weather all year round, but is also home to several hill stations and scenic getaways. With a holiday season that lasts throughout the year, it’s always time for a road trip with friends or family. If you’re in Pune, the following destinations are perfect for a day trip.


One of the most popular and scenic places near Pune, the first planned city of India, Lavasa is rich in natural beauty. The place gets its name from the Lavasa lake, and is bordered by picturesque hills and farms. The hill city is close to 25,000 feet, and the beauty and serenity of the place make it ideal for a rejuvenating experience.

Lavasa, the City of Lakes near Pune | © Khushi jain12 | WikiCommons


Panchgani, or the land of five tables, is another stunning location only 100 kilometers from Pune. This hill station is rich in fauna and flora, and the best time to visit is in the monsoons when everything is lush and green. Panchgani is popular for camping and other adventure sports like rock climbing and waterfall rappelling.

Lingmala Waterfalls, Panchgani | © TravelAdvisor | Pixabay


Alibaug is a beach town in Maharashtra close to both Pune and Mumbai. This place is perfect to visit in winter because of the warm sea and sandy beaches. It’s a nature lover’s paradise, with the sun and the blue water creating a stunning view. Aside from the Alibaug beach, there are several other unexplored beaches along the coastline, which offer the ideal backdrop for photographs.

View from Alibaug Fort, Alibaug | © Rakesh Ayilliath | WikiCommons

Lonavla and Khandala

These twin hill stations are extremely popular among everyone visiting Maharashtra and rightly so. Both Lonavla and Khandala are blessed with valleys and hills, waterfalls and lush greenery, and cool and breezy weather all year round. Khandala is 45 minutes away from Lonavla, and both these places are well frequented by Maharashtrians for their soothing and serene ambiance.

Tiger's Leap, Lonavala | © Manu Jha | WikiCommons

Tamhini Ghat

If you want to experience a ghat near Pune that captures the beauty and essence of the Western Ghats, head to Tamhini Ghat. The Ghat connects Pune to the Konkan region, and some of the sights to behold are the Temghar dam, the backwaters of the Mulshi Dam, the waterfalls and forests. Bikers can even take a ride across the Ghat for a memorable and thrilling experience.

Tamhini Ghat in Rainy Season | © Abhijeet Safai | WikiCommons


Another gorgeous hill station, Matheran is surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains, and has 39 peaks for visitors to explore. Besides the spectacular beauty of the place, it is also the cleanest region in the state because vehicles are not allowed. For soaking in the beauty of nature, a day trip to Matheran is a must.

View from Matheran Hills | © Omkar A Kamale / WikiCommons


For trekking fans, Lohagad-Visapur should be on top of the list of day trip destinations from Pune. The two forts are connected with a small walkway, and are beautifully nestled in the lap of nature. This place will appeal to all nature lovers who also want to experience a slice of history on this day trip from Pune.

The Visapur Fort © Varun Patil | WikiMedia Commons

Rajmachi Trek

Another stunning hill station and trekker’s paradise, the Rajmachi Trek is only 78 kilometers from the heart of Pune, and offers a pleasing and scenic drive along mountains and lush green landscapes. Whether you want to go from trekking or just soak in the lap of nature, the Rajmachi Trek should on the must-visit list of everyone coming to Pune.

Stunning view from the Rajmachi Fort | © Kandoi.sid | WikiCommons

Malshej Ghat

Situtated between Thane and Ahmednagar, amidst the dense lush slopes of the Western Ghats, Malshej Ghat is a great trekking spot in the monsoons and an otherwise refreshing day trip at any time of the year. The main attraction is the Konkan Kada offering a spectacular view of Konkan. Some other places to visit here are Harishchandreshwar Temple, Kedareshwar Cave, Ganesh Gufa, Saptatirtha, and Kedareshwar.

Scenic drive in Malshej Ghat | © Siddhanth R. Menon | WikiCommons

Junnar Caves

Junnar Caves are 220 wonderfully excavated caves situated in four hills. Famous for the rock carved temple, Junnar has the longest and largest cave excavations in India. The place transports visitors back in time, and is popular among devotees.

Lenyadri Caves, Junnar | © Niemru | WikiCommons