The 10 Best Restaurants In Nagpur, Maharashtra

The 10 Best Restaurants In Nagpur, Maharashtra
Nagpur, which is known as ‘The City of Oranges,’ is a vibrant, up and coming city in Maharashtra, India. Known for its national parks, temples and ashrams, Nagpur has a lot to offer visitors. Although its often bypassed as a tourist destination it’s well worth visiting the city, not least for its food scene, which has grown tremendously the last few years. Here’s some of the best spots to try the local cuisine in Nagpur.

Nanking Mayfair

Restaurant, Chinese
Teriyaki chicken
Teriyaki chicken | © Erik Junberger/Flickr
Nanking is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Nagpur, serving the best Asian cuisine in the city. Over three decades old, Nanking has grown a loyal customer base. The restaurant is relatively small but the classy interior coupled with its excellent service makes it a perfect place for formal meetings or social gatherings. The food served is as authentic as it gets and the quantity served is quite generous. A standout dish to try for first timers is the kung pao chicken.
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Fountain Sizzlers & Bistro

Bistro, Restaurant, Vegetarian
Fountain Sizzlers & Bistro is a vegetarian family restaurant and as the name suggests, its speciality lies in its sizzlers. The restaurant is classy and the interior is a mixture of brown, cream and beige giving it an earthy and elegant feel. Apart from the decor, what strikes most customers is the extremely well-trained staff that makes sure each customer feels at home. The menu is a mixture of continental and Italian fare with a few Indian dishes included. The sizzlers are the most popular items, especially the one with cottage cheese. Fountain Sizzlers and Bistro is a great place to have a social gathering or a quick dinner.
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The Breakfast Story

Restaurant, Indian, American, European, $$$
Perfect Breakfast?
Perfect Breakfast? | © Mark Longair/Flickr
The Breakfast Story is a one of a kind restaurant in Nagpur, which is well known for its all-day breakfasts. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the look and interiors of the restaurant, which features creative uses of recycled and second-hand goods to give a vibrant and cheerful look to the place. You’ll find shopping trolleys as newspaper stands to having games like snakes and ladder engraved on the furniture. The Breakfast Story changes its menu daily except for the egg dishes and the sides. Charming and quirky, The Breakfast Story is a great place to relax and have breakfast while reading the newspaper or chatting with friends.
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Restaurant, Indian, European, Moroccan, $$$
Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Buffet | © Michael Coghlan/Flickr
Located at Mount Road, Sagar, the highlight of Nagpur’s dining scene is the upscale restaurant Zuree. With classy interiors, valet parking and comfy cushioned sofas and chairs, Zuree has a feel of class and affluence. The dishes are influenced by Indian, Moroccan, and Italian cuisine. The service is prompt and does not disappoint. Zuree is one of Nagpur’s finer restaurants which warrants a visit whenever you’re in town.
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The Creative Kitchen

Restaurant, Indian, Asian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free
The Creative Kitchen is a fine dining restaurant at the Radisson Hotel. It is open all day long for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menu includes various cuisines from North Indian and South Indian to Italian and Continental. The restaurant’s biggest attraction lies in its extensive buffet which is considered as one of the best in the whole city. The Creative Kitchen is a perfect place for a special family event or that romantic dinner with your loved one.
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Restaurant, Indian
Barbeque is a fantastic place to dine in Nagpur. Despite being over a decade old, it has managed to remain a popular eatery in Nagpur. The restaurant is always crowded; a long queue outside is a common sight, speaking to the excellence of the food. Barbeque mostly serves North Indian food which is exceptionally cooked and tastes like heaven. The tandoor items and the kebabs are the winners in the whole menu and ordering them is a must when visiting Barbeque.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 11.30am-11.30pm

Watch out for: Mutton kebabs
Looks like it's closed Hours or services may be impacted due to Covid-19
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The Bukhara

Restaurant, Indian, Italian, Thai, Chinese, $$$
The Bukhara is a trendy restaurant in Nagpur serving a variety of cuisines like Italian, Mughlai, North Indian, Chinese and Thai. The interiors are well done with soft and soothing colours dominating the walls, making the restaurant an excellent choice for an intimate, romantic evening. The service is prompt and the food served is delicious. The chicken biryani is a must try for anyone who visits The Bukhara.
Looks like it's closed Hours or services may be impacted due to Covid-19
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Thaat Baat

Restaurant, Vegetarian, Indian, Asian, $$$
Bowl of Gulab Jamuns
Bowl of Gulab Jamuns | © Upendra Kanda/Flickr
Thaat Baat is a vegetarian’s delight. The menu is North Indian and all the dishes are served on brass plates, with water served in brass goblets, creating an old-fashioned, classy feel. Thalis are the speciality here with the menu changing every alternative day. After the main course, save room for the delicious Indian desserts.
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Restaurant, Indian, Asian, Chinese, $$$
Thali | © Johan Bichel Lindegaard/Flickr
Naivedhyam is a classic in Nagpur. An all vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of the city, Naivedhyam draws crowds every day. It is one of the biggest restaurant in the city and best for family dining. The menu features dishes influenced by North Indian and Chinese cuisine and is delicious, with all the favourites loyally represented.
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Restaurant, Indian, $$$
Masala Dosa and idli feast
Masala Dosa and idli feast | © Sherry J. Ezhuthachan/Flickr 
Veeraswami is the best place to visit if you want great south Indian food in Nagpur. It’s often crowded in the morning for breakfast and its early opening time ensures a regular and loyal crowd. The restaurant offers extremely quick service coupled with delicious dosas and idlis, a perfect combination. A good place if you’re in a hurry, Veeraswami is a perfect light lunch choice.
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