8 of Mumbai’s Favorite Drinks to Beat the Heat

Lassi | © Vivekpat30 / WikiCommons
Lassi | © Vivekpat30 / WikiCommons
Photo of Sridevi Nambiar
1 November 2017

As much as Mumbai loves steaming cups of chai, the city’s year-round hot weather demands its residents to have a cold beverage of choice when the heat gets to be too much. Here are our top picks of Mumbai’s favorite chilled drinks for those extra sunny days.

Coconut Water

The healthiest and always available option for keeping your hydration in check is coconut water, and it’s almost as abundant in the city as water is. No matter where you are in Mumbai, you are likely to run into at least one street stall selling fresh water straight out of coconuts for under 50 rupees.

Coconut Water | © Crisco 1492 / WikiCommons

Nimbu Pani

Nimbu pani, or Indian lemonade, is the go-to option for an instant dose of energy without the baggage of caffeine. Usually made with a dose of masala—including cumin, chat masala, and salt—and mint, nimbu pani from Mumbai’s many street stalls is among the most delicious pick-me-ups that you can find during summer.


Usually made with cumin, ginger, black pepper, salt, mint, and lemon juice mixed with water, this delicious beverage is India’s favorite homemade digestive aid. Along with being quite hydrating and anti-inflammatory, jaljeera also provides a good dose of vitamin C, making it an outstanding source of solace during draining summer days.

Jaljeera | © Rutvi Mistry / WikiCommons

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is yet another extremely popular street beverage that Mumbaikars resort to when in need of a little chill. Nutritious and quite delicious, this juice serves all of your hydration needs. However, do make sure that the juicing of the sugarcane is taking place under hygienic conditions and that the water is safe for consumption.


Made with rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds, and pieces of jelly with milk and often served with ice cream, this is the beverage to resort to when you are in need of a serious pick-me-up. Sweet and lush, this creamy drink is a favorite all around the country, particularly during the summer.

Falooda | © Kanchana Bose / WikiCommons

Kala Khatta

With the goodness of jamuns, or Indian blackberries, this favorite summertime beverage is as cooling and hydrating as it is fun to gulp down. Usually served with an ice gola (a block of ice stuck to a wooden ice cream stick) that is dipped into a glass of jamun juice combined with salt, sugar, lemon juice, and pepper, the delicious kala khatta is a must-try.


A favorite all over North India, lassi is yogurt blended with water and a variety of spices that can be either sweet or savory. A bit heartier than other beverages, a glass of lassi can keep you satisfied for quite a while.

Lassi | © Hari mahendara / WikiCommons

Sweet Lime Soda

Yet another lemony drink, sweet lime sodas involve lemon juice, sugar, and soda being mixed and poured into glasses filled to the brim with ice. A quick beverage to gulp down before heading back to work, sweet lime sodas run the city during particularly scorching summers.

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