Legendary Restaurants In Bandra, India

Varanasi, India ©Juan Antonio F. Segal
Varanasi, India ©Juan Antonio F. Segal
Photo of Gayatri Sapru
9 February 2017

Bandra might be the playground where experimental foodies from across Mumbai flock to experience the newest gourmet trends. These iconic spots have stood the test of time in Bandra and live up to their reputations.


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Lucky's Biryani
Lucky's Biryani | Image Courtesy of Zomato

Few can argue that Candies isn’t the definitive place to eat in Bandra. It is the one place that draws patrons from all across the city, sometimes even becoming the focal point of a weekend plan for those living far away. If you are one of the last people in Mumbai who hasn’t eaten here, we recommend trying any of their rolls, Dragon chicken/noodles or pink lemonade. Their simple chicken sandwich is also legendary.


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MacCraig food display
MacCraig food display | Image Courtesy of Zomato
Synonymous with biryani, Lucky’s sees its regulars visit every weekend, ordering the exact same meals for years now – biryani and raita. It’s the whiff of biryani that you smell as you enter Bandra from South Mumbai. Also try their other specialties, beginning with some traditional tandoori chicken.


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MacCraig is a homely yet absolutely bang-for-your-buck spot. It has been around for a long time, and the regulars here have been frequenting the place for more than a decade or two. Though it lacks fancy interiors or any kind of service, the food is delicious, especially for the price. Don’t miss their puffs and variety of barbecued/tandoori chicken items.

MacCraig, St John St, Pali Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, +91 (0)22 26411985

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Punjab Sweet House Paani Puri | Image Courtesy of Zomato

Punjab Sweet House

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Punjab Sweet House

Bandra is divided into two kinds of people – Punjab Sweet House people and Elco Paani Puri people. For the former, this is a shrine of sorts. It serves up the best paani-puri in the suburb and also the most authentic chole, parathe and punjabi sweets of every kind you can imagine. Stop here for their paani-puri. Don’t be surprised if you end up sampling more than just that.

Punjab Sweet House, Shop 3 & 7, Dheeraj Arcade, Pali Naka, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, +91 (0)22 30151727

Hearsch's Bakery

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Cafe Andora
Cafe Andora | Image Courtesy of Zomato

A haunt for Bandra youngsters, this place has a peculiar location in a half-abandoned garden behind Holy Family Hospital. There are no signs pointing here, and you would need a regular to show you the way. Once you’re there however, you’ll see why the crowds stand in queues for up to half an hour to get their hands on the goodies. From chicken puffs to chicken burgers and lollipops, Hersch’s serves up delicious bakery-style food at college cafeteria rates.

Andora Cafe

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Elco Pav Bhaaji
Elco Pav Bhaaji | Image Courtesy of Zomato
A Bandra gem, Andora is tucked between those Bandra winding lanes that those who aren’t from the area regularly find themselves getting lost inside. It has a simple cafe seating at the ground floor of an old villa. It offers no-frills, amazingly well-priced grub. Besides the usual bakery food, they also have a bunch of finger food and items like sausage puffs and Szechwan rolls.