15 Photos That Prove You Must Really Explore India By Night

Nagpur | @ AmitKamblephotography/Instagram
Picture of Harleen Kalsi
Updated: 30 August 2017
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India is a land of unfathomable diversity. A land so miscellaneous yet mysterious, it’ll convince you into believing that cultural shocks are actually full of wisdom. This wonderful country provides a canvas of mesmerizing places, especially at night as these stunning images demonstrate.

There is no better detox in the world than a Himalayan retreat.

The dreamers of Mumbai often have the most resilient spirit.

A serene symphony is best heard in Kerala.

The underdog metropolis of Maharashtra, Nagpur is quite stunning.

Capturing the essence of a city through lights that is Goa.

Once the capital of India for the British, Kolkata is now a city of joy for everyone.

The difference between magical Parvati Valley and ecstasy is that the valley’s effects will never wear off.

Umngot River, Dawki in Meghalaya is floating mirrors reflecting heaven in its emerald water.

The Andaman Islands melt at dusk with fiery shades of red, orange and gold.

Andaman Sea Sunset

Time stands still each evening during monsoons at the Gateway of India in Mumbai.

Better hunt for bleeding sunsets than pretentious rainbows in Assam, India.

A golden shelter of peace, solidarity, and equality resides in the humble land of Amritsar.

The timeless city of lakes, Udaipur, illuminates at night in its majestic glory.

Unapologetic withdrawal from the world and an evening full of solace is found in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

Hyderabad is a perfect example of a modern city running on a regal engine.

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