10 Irresistible Indian Dishes You Can’t Afford To Miss

Butter Chicken Curry
Butter Chicken Curry
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8 December 2016

Known for its heavy use of traditional and home grown spices and herbs, India’s cuisine is a reflection of the country’s rich culture. To give you a glimpse of delicacies offered from the kitchens of India, here is a list of 10 of the most wonderful dishes to whet your appetite.

Butter Chicken Curry

Butter Chicken

Considered to be the signature non-vegetarian dish of India, butter chicken is exactly how it sounds. Prepared in thick and spicy gravy, this chicken dish is made rich with a lot of butter in it. One bite and you won’t be able to stop yourself until the bowl is clean and empty as new.

Best consumed with: tandoori roti (bread prepared in a clay oven) and chopped onion salads.

Seekh Kebab | © Dheerajk88/WikiCommons

Seekh Kebab

Seekh kebabs are minced meat rolls, smoke-baked or grilled to give them the crisp and spices to add to the flavor and aroma. Although it originated in Middle East, the dish has found a whole new form and taste in the Indian sub-continent. Visit the honorable city of Luckhnow and try the Tundey Kebab.

Best consumed with: mayonnaise, coriander chutney, and chopped onions.

Masala Dosa | © Jamie/Flickr

Masala Dosa

The representative of South Indian cuisine, Masala Dosa has its fame worldwide. However, just as the best pizza can only be found in Italy or Mexico only can offer the best original taco, the best Dosa can only be tasted in India. It is traditionally prepared from rice batter and filled with mashed potatoes and other vegetables.

Best consumed with: lentil-based vegetable stew called ‘Sambhar’ and coconut chutney.

Kadhai Paneer | © Acoomar/WikiCommons

Kadhai Paneer

Considered to be the vegetarian alternative to butter chicken, Kadhai Paneer is a deep-fried cottage cheese preparation, made in thick gravy (or dry) and with oodles of Indian spices. Get introduced to one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in India.

Best consumed with: tandoori roti and chopped onion salad.

Hyderabadi Biryani | ©Dheerajk88/WikiCommons

Hyderabadi Biryani

While Masala Dosa is the representative of South Indian cuisine, Hyderabadi Biryani represents non-vegetarian delicacies from the southern India area. An iconic dish, biryani is a rice preparation mixed with meat (chicken or mutton), spices, onions, yoghurt, coriander leaves, and a hint of saffron.

Gulaab Jaamun | © Karthikeyan N/WikiCommons

Gulaab Jaamun

Behold the king of desserts in India – the famous Gulaab Jaamun, made from milk solids kneaded into a dough and deep fried in the form of balls.

Best consumed with: hot pieces of Gulaab Jaamun with additional scoops of ice-cream (vanilla flavor recommended).

Ras Malai | © Rutvi Mistry/WikiCommons

Ras Malai

‘Ras’ means juice and ‘Malai’ means cream. This sweet dish, originating from the eastern state of West Bengal, is a combination of unripened curd cheese (called ‘Chhena’) soaked in milk syrup made by boiling milk with sugar, cardamom, saffron, and pistachios.

Rajma | © Scott Veg/WikiCommons

Choley Bhature

Not that the Northern part of India rules the cuisine culture, but it does has a lot of it to offer; Choley Bhature is another one in the list. A combination of spicy chick peas (Choley) and fried bread made from bleached wheat flour (Bhature), the delicacy has a reputation of sidelining any dish on a table.

Best consumed with: pickle, chopped onions, and coriander chutney.

Rajasthani Laal Maans | © VD/Flick

Rajasthani Laal Maans

The signature non-vegetarian dish from the state of Rajasthan is the Laal Maans (Red Meat). This is a spicy mutton curry prepared with sauce of curd and a number of Indian spices, especially red chillies.

Best consumed with: tandoori roti

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