The Best Flea Markets in Macau

Taipa Flea Market
Taipa Flea Market | Courtesy of Macao Government Tourist Office
Matthew Keegan

If you’re a bargain hunter, Macau is a treasure trove of places to seek out the best buys. Even luxury items in Macau tend to be cheaper than in other cities in the region. What’s more, there is no sales tax in Macau, making it a great shopping destination. Items like jewellery (particularly gold), Chinese antiques, porcelain, pottery, electronic gadgets, cameras, watches and silk clothing can all be found for reasonable prices. Check out Macau’s flea markets for some of the best bargains around.

Rua De Tercena Flea Market

This bustling market tends to come alive after lunch. It’s Macau’s most popular flea market and is located near the famous Ruins of St. Paul’s. Here you’ll find crockery, carved figurines, historic memorabilia and other oddities to bargain for. Wander among the vendors with their wares laid out on faded tablecloths, hunt for treasure amid the pottery, paintings, antiques and bric-a-brac, but always bargain over prices.

The area is part of the historic centre of Macao, so shopping here is like stepping back in time as you meander through the lanes. This market is particularly good for handicrafts, clothes and other souvenirs. To get there, starting from the Ruins of St. Paul’s, walk along Rua de Sao Paulo until you reach Rua das Estalagens, continue down the hill past the antique stores, tailors and furniture shops to the century-old Rua da Tercena, where the market comes alive just after lunch.

Rua De Tercena Flea Market, 46 Rua De Tercena, Macau, +853 2831 5566

Rua De Tercena Flea Market

Taipa Flea Market

The Taipa Flea Market takes place every Sunday between 11am and 8pm on Bombeiros Square, a picturesque spot in the heart of the Portuguese-style village on Taipa Island. There are many booths selling traditional crafts and souvenirs, food and beverages, brand name items, clothes, toys and other products. If you’re looking for something to take back home as souvenirs, then this is the place.

While shopping, you can even binge on local treats like Portuguese egg tarts, pork chop buns, sawdust pudding, bakkwa, etc. The market offers entertainment as well, with live performances such as Portuguese folk dance, street dance, lion dance, stilt walkers, magicians, musicians and street paintings.

Taipa Flea Market, Bombeiros Square, Taipa, Macau, +853 2833 7676

Taipa Flea Market

Three Lamps District

Three Lamps District is one of Macau’s most popular shopping areas and the scene of an active street market that starts at Rotunda de Carlow De Maia.

Here you can find an entire area jam packed with small shops, eateries and street market vendors. They sell all manner of products, from clothes and fabrics to a huge variety of consumables and food. Few visitors make their way to this area of Macau, but it’s well worth a visit. The market scene is one of the better places to see how local residents go about their daily lives in Macau.

The name “Three Lamps District” refers to a single post with three small lamps that is situated in the public space found at Rotunda de Carlos De Maia. However, the shopping area reaches several blocks in all directions and as far north as the historic Red Market building.

Three Lamps District, Rotunda de Carlow De Maia, Macau

Three Lamps District Macau

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