The Best Cafés in Sanlitun, Beijing

The Best Cafés in Sanlitun, Beijing | © Kenny Louie / Flickr
The Best Cafés in Sanlitun, Beijing | © Kenny Louie / Flickr
It is the bars that are most crowded at night in the Beijing district of Sanlitun, but in the daylight, the bars are no comparison to the coffee shops. Below are the places you can get the best coffee and refreshments in Sanlitun.

ON Emotions

Cafe, Chinese

Walking into the dimly lit ON Emotions, you have to resist the temptation to order an alcoholic beverage, because it looks so much more like a pub than a café (well, it is also a pub). Try its signature Coffee Ice Ball, which features an ice ball made of frozen coffee, combined with milk in a glass.

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Café Groove

Cafe, American

The very spacious café is perfect for a large group of friends to meet up over delicious Western food and coffee drinks that are a bit fancier than those at Starbucks. Here you can chat with each other without having to worry about being too disturbing.

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Bad Farmers Our Bakery

Bakery, Cafe, French, $$$

This café and bakery is more specialized in bread and cakes than coffee, so if you feel like grabbing some baked goods, it can be a good choice. Its Dirty Choco, a croissant made from extra chocolate, is a must-try, but the bread is so famous that you may need to line up for hours to buy one.

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Cat House Café

Cafe, Japanese
Cat Café
Cat Café | © Pixabay
Cat cafés are increasingly dominating the café world in Beijing. If there’s a cat café cult, then Cat House Café is the cult’s Sanlitun branch. Here, it’s less about the coffee you drink and more about the felines who keep you company.
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The Bookworm

Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Food Court, Bistro, American
The Bookworm, Sanlitun
The Bookworm is one of the best English-language bookshops in Beijing | © dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

The Bookworm Beijing is probably the top go-to place for bookworms in Beijing. Just like its name states, the place is full of carefully selected English-language books and magazines. Apart from the bookstore and library, it is also a restaurant, café, and bar. What’s more, it holds talk shows and lectures, inviting local and international cultural celebrities from time to time.

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Tiens Tiens

Cafe, Patisserie, French, $$$

The pâtisserie and café has enjoyable coffee, but it is mainly the desserts that draws in the flood of customers. From the good-looking desserts, to the greenhouse-like glass building, the off-while interior, and the gorgeous rooftop dining area, Tiens Tiens will help you earn tons of likes on Instagram.

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