The Authentic Chinese Dishes Everyone Should Try

Briana Poff

China has many dishes that seem exotic to the rest of the world, but to them these dishes are just a part of their everyday culture. The Chinese have a dish to suit every taste, from sweet to bitter to a little spicy to super hot. Here is our guide to the Chinese dishes you must try.

Red Bean Bread – Street Food Style

Red Bean Bread

If you have a craving for something sweet, try red bean bread. The sweet red beans are comparable to a cinnamon flavor. This bread comes in many different forms, and red beans may be sporadically placed on top of the bread or may make a filling in a bun. Red bean bread is sold on the street as well as in packages in the super market.

Salty Beef Noodles

Noodles come in all forms in China. Salty beef noodles are a favorite among locals and foreigners. Use your chopsticks to slurp up the noodles after they have soaked in the salted beef sauce.

Eggs And Tomato

A common dish that is eaten 2-3 times a week in China is eggs and tomato. The eggs are scrambled with chunks of tomato in the skillet. Sometimes salt and green vegetables are added to it for extra flavor.

Donkey Meat

Donkey Meat

Get adventurous and try donkey meat. You can try eating it by itself or try a donkey burger. Dip it in soy or vinegar sauce for some extra flavoring. The meat may be a little tough, but the taste will leave you wanting more.

Chinese Dumplings

Chinese dumplings are made at home on special occasions like birthdays, a friend’s visit or Chinese New Year. Chinese dumplings can be fried, but traditionally they are boiled. The filling ingredients vary from meat and vegetables to only vegetables. Gather around a table to dip them in vinegar and fight over who will get the last one.

Steamed Stuffed Bread

This steamed bread is a bigger version of Chinese dumplings. Like the dumplings, this stuffed bread has different fillings of meat and vegetables placed inside it. Take a bite of the bread to reach the middle and discover what the inside holds.

Feet And Heads

From pig feet to chicken feet and duck heads to fish heads, China has them all. These feet and heads are often known as delicacies and at least one of them will be found on a Chinese family’s table during Chinese New Year.

A Goat’s Foot

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