These Stunning Countries Are the World's Least Visited

Funafuti atol on Tuvalu
Funafuti atol on Tuvalu | © Ashley Cooper pics / Alamy Stock Photo

If you are literally sick and tired of seeing billions of tourists on vacation, have no fear, because the United Nations World Tourism Organisation has just revealed the least visited countries in the world.

The nifty little report details which countries around the globe receive the least visitors annually – great news for us travellers who just want to explore somewhere new without the stress of bumping into your fellow human. To avoid such situations, here are 10 fabulous (tourist–free) countries you can discover before the rest of the world cottons on to them.

Liechtenstein, Europe…

View of Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Number of visitors per year: 69,000

Why go? Sprawling hills, medieval villages, alpine landscapes, and very, very hidden trails make this small, but fascinating country a real-life fairy tale.

Moldova, Europe…

Number of visitors per year: 121,000

Why go? Moldova is the charm of rural pastures. Moldova is pure monastic life. Moldova is literally the best European retreat for a secluded escape. Go. NOW.

San Marino, Europe…

Castle of San Marino, Italy

Number of visitors per year: 60,000

Why go? There are 196 sovereign states in the world and San Marino is the fifth smallest – tiny it may be, but for what it lacks in size, it makes up for in curiosity. Expect vertiginous views and hundreds of castle-ridden hilltops in a land shrouded in enigmatic mystery.

Bhutan, Asia…

Precarious road travel in Bhutan, near Trashigang

Number of visitors per year: 155,000

Why go? A pilgrimage for many travellers. Bhutan is by no means ordinary – in fact, its tundras, bewitching mountainscapes and plethora of beguiling temples make it totally extraordinary. Our advice? Don’t even deliberate booking your tickets.

Bangladesh, Asia…

Sadarghat harbor, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Number of visitors per year: 125,000

Why go? A country of enchanting cultures, Bangladesh is braided with winding rivers and colourful cities. Dubbed Asia’s ‘greenest jewel’, follow in the footsteps of famous authors, explorers and pioneering travellers in a place that will literally steal your heart.

Timor-Leste, Asia…

Number of visitors per year: 66,000

Why go? Rugged beautiful landscapes, undisturbed (yes, really) beaches, the friendliest people, very few tourists and Instagram porn for days. What more reason do you need to go?

Brunei, Asia…

© AzriSuratmin / Shutterstock

Number of visitors per year: 219,000

Why go? The picture above. Aside from being picture-perfect, Brunei has oodles to offer, including elaborate, lively mosques, misty, untouched rainforests and some of the finest examples of Islamic architecture in the world.

Kiribati, Oceania…

Number of visitors per year: 4,000

Why go? Kiribati is a nature lover’s paradise. Whether you’re a keen fisher, surfer or diver, this astonishing country’s patchwork of Pacific stellar reefs, islets and and remote atolls will make you go wild with excitement.

Tuvalu, Oceania…

Funafuti atol on Tuvalu

Number of visitors per year: 2,000

Why go? The approach is a feat for the eyes: Tuvalu is a dazzling smear of turquoise and green that’s ringed with coral that’s so glittering you’ll never want to leave. Forget your own definition of paradise. This place redefines the meaning of the word.

Montserrat, Caribbean…

Montserrat, Caribbean

Number of visitors per year: 9,000

Why go? Remember that song ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’? Well, it was born out of this little carefree island. Oh, and it’s also the home of Air Montserrat, AKA, the famous recording studio founded by Beatles producer Sir George Martin. What’s on offer? A very active volcano. One for the adrenaline junkies, wethinks.
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