11 Beautiful But Cheap Destinations For Penny-Pinching Travellers

Your money will go a long way in Vietnam | © Jakob Owens / Unsplash
Your money will go a long way in Vietnam | © Jakob Owens / Unsplash
Photo of Alice Johnston
Food Editor9 November 2017

Travelling can be an expensive pastime. Between flights, accommodation, food and souvenirs, everyone is looking to save a little cash whenever they can. To enable you to see as much of the world as possible without breaking the bank, we’ve assembled this list of locations that the spendthrift traveller will love.


You’ll be able to haggle to your heart’s content in Morocco’s markets | © Max Brown / Unsplash

While flights to this African country might set you back a touch, food and accommodation is so affordable that you won’t shake your fist too hard at the airlines. Staying in a riad in the centre of Marrakesh can be under £50 and delicious food from the markets costs very little. Shopping is also cheap, with souvenirs such as leather handbags and clothes coming in as much less expensive than at home.

Camping in France

France can be expensive to travel in. Road tolls and pricey food can result in large bills. But if you consider a cheaper accommodation alternative, suddenly the country opens up. France has plentiful campsites that are beautifully situated and can cost under £18 a night. If you rent bikes and content yourself with eating a lot of baguettes et fromage, you’ll feel that you’re living like Marie Antoinette – even if you don’t want to splurge on patisserie.


Vietnam’s gorgeous countryside will be all the entertainment you need | © Steve Douglas / Unsplash

Cheap and healthy food, beautiful sights and remarkable countryside all make Vietnam an excellent choice for travelling. Order the best steaming bowl of pho you’ll ever eat for the price of your daily latte and rub shoulders with locals while you slurp it down.

Costa Rica

Cheap buses in this verdant country make travelling long distances very affordable – as long as you’re willing to be squashed into a coach seat for eight hours. Accommodation near a great surfing beach can cost under £8, and the seeing monkeys, sloths and tapirs in the jungle doesn’t cost a penny.


Your money will go a long way in Vietnam | © Jakob Owens / Unsplash

The backpackers classic – but you don’t have to stay in hostels. Beach huts, hotels and apartments are all cheaper than other countries and the intriguing local cuisine, entertainment and sightseeing are all extremely affordable. It’s safe to say that your money will go a long way here.


If you’re desperate to go to Europe but want to keep things affordable, Poland is a great bet. The fact that the currency is still the Polish Złoty instead of the Euro makes for a favourable exchange rate. Food is cheap, plentiful and filling, and attractions such as museums cost extremely little to get in to.


Your inner scrooge will be happy in Peru | © Jeremiah Berman / Unsplash

Stay off the beaten track in Peru and your inner penny-pincher will be happy. You can shop very cheaply in local food markets and the bus systems are well run and don’t cost much.


This hidden gem has some of the most amazing food in the world, and Georgians are famously welcoming. You’ll feel at home in no time. The fact that it flies under the radar for many tourists make it budget friendly, so get there before everyone else does.


Greece needs tourist dollars | © Andre Benz / Unsplash

The money problems Greece has had in recent years means that it’s very keen for your tourist dollars. Right now, hotels, food and internal travel are all very affordable – and even better, you’ll know that you’re helping the country to recover while there.


Take a winery tour or eat a delicious dinner in Bulgaria and you’ll pay much less than you would in France or Italy. The varied landscapes, ranging from mountains to beaches, mean that you definitely won’t get bored.


India’s cheap and delicious food will keep you powering through | © Arihant Daga / Unsplash

One of the original budget destinations. India’s enormous size, cheap yet delicious food and huge variety of activities means that India will not disappoint budget-conscious travellers.

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