The Top Art Galleries in Uganda

Sculptures on exhibition in Afriart Gallery
Sculptures on exhibition in Afriart Gallery | © Afriart Gallery

Visiting art galleries in Uganda is one way to delve into her rich, diverse culture, which is manifested in the works that are showcased. Here are some of the top galleries to explore as you marvel at Uganda’s stunning art.

1. Nommo Gallery

Art Gallery

Olive Nakiyemba / © Culture Trip
Nommo Gallery is Uganda‘s premier gallery, established in 1964 and running under the ministry of gender, labor, and social development. It has a database of 200 Ugandan and foreign artists whose work boasts of paintings, batiks, sculptures, and crafts.

2. Umoja Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Umoja Art Gallery
Olive Nakiyemba / © Culture Trip
Umoja Art Gallery is a contemporary gallery aiming to revive Uganda’s cultural heritage while showcasing art works depicting Uganda’s daily life. Umoja Art Gallery encourages the exchange of artists’ work through exhibitions to foster the development of art in Uganda.

3. Asante Art Gallery

Art Gallery

© Olive Nakiyemba / Culture Trip

Asante Art Gallery focuses on prompting, exhibiting, and giving opportunity to artists and art lovers.

4. Nnyanzi Art Studio

Art Gallery

Olive Nakiyemba / © Culture Trip

Nnyanzi Art Studio was established in 1992 to showcase “art that touches the heart.” The art created is a combination of expressionism and cubism. Nnyanzi Art Studio exhibits paintings, textiles, crafts, and souvenirs.

5. Ujuzi Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Ujuzi Art Studio
© Paulo Akiiki

Ujuzi Art Gallery exhibits art work that is a blend of both African and Western traditions. Ujuzi is famed for elongated figures and sunsets created with a combination of both palette knife, comb, fingers, and brush strokes.

6. AKA Art Gallery

Art Gallery

AKA Art Gallery
© AKA Art Gallery
Afrik Kotemp Art (AKA) Gallery was established in 1995 as Tulifanya Gallery. AKA Gallery organizes eight exhibitions every year, and it aims to be a hub of both local and international contemporary and historical art creators.

7. 32° East Arts Trust

Art Gallery

© 32° Easr
32° East Arts Trust is a hub for Ugandan budding artists, and students can showcase their brilliant work for professional one on one critique.

8. Afriart Gallery

Art Gallery

Olive Nakiyemba / © Culture Trip
Afriart Gallery is arguably the leading contemporary art gallery. It also has the largest exhibition space at one of its two branches that’s a members only gallery. Howeverm it can be accessed with a day pass at $5, or membership, which is $14 and $27 for couples. Afriart holds monthly exhibitions to showcase some of the best artwork that has gone to exhibit worldwide. It exhibits paintings, crafts, sculptures, and textiles.

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