The Most Notable Street Art in Johannesburg

Close up of Faith 47s Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem
Close up of Faith 47's "Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem" | © Adamina / Flickr

Johannesburg’s street art scene is on the rise as more and more artists, both local and international, are flocking to the city to color the streets. Here’s where to spot the best of the bunch.

Johannesburg’s inner city is filled with striking pieces commenting on the social and cultural zeitgeist and metropolitan areas, such as the Maboneng precinct, Jeppestown, and Newtown, are being transformed through the introduction of trendy cafés, restaurants, art galleries and, of course, street art.

Street art has long been a contentious topic in South Africa but recently artists, like ABOVE, travel from abroad to make their mark on the city’s walls, while local artists are gaining more and more recognition. Corporate companies are also injecting large sums of cash into the gentrification of Johannesburg’s inner city and supporting street artists by doing so.

Street art in Maboneng

Maboneng is a cultural hub with street art covering walls and buildings around almost every corner of the neighborhood

The local public is becoming increasingly more interested in street art and numerous tours focus solely on the city’s public art. Gummie Tours have a street art bike ride through Maboneng and Past Experiences have a range of different inner city tours. This is the best way to find and see all the city has to offer—and there’s much of it.

Nando’s launched Street Art Stories: Jo’burg, a film that documents the rise of South African street art. The short film depicts how activism and events during apartheid struggles shaped the rise of Johannesburg’s street art movement.

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