The Most Beautiful Parks and Green Spaces in Abuja, Nigeria

Woman walking in a park in Abuja
Woman walking in a park in Abuja | Unsplash | Obinna Okerekeoc
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Say hello to Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja – a metropolis of a thousand hills and a symbol of a nation’s unity, it is resplendent in nature’s beauty and is graced with alluring landscapes. Whether you want to take a walk, enjoy some time with a loved one or take part in fun activities, there’s a spot for everyone.

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Rabby Recreation Park

Sitting on a 20,000 sq meter (215,278 sq feet) land space, and boasting a magnificent fountain, a lush green area and exquisite landscape, Rabby recreation park is a sublime haven in Abuja. As well as the peaceful ambience and serenity the facility has to offer, it also boasts a fully equipped 1,000-seat event center, golf pitching and putting, as well as a football pitch, tennis court, basketball court, gym, children’s play area, food court, bar and lounge, in addition to several stand-alone gazebos. Another fascinating feature of the expansive lush park is the zoological section hosting exotic animals like peacocks, ostriches, antelopes and parrots.

BMT African Garden

Tucked away from plain sight on the busy Ademola Adetokunbo district of Wuse II, BMT African Garden is simply a wonderland of hidden treasures. This beautiful one of a kind themed park has got everything – a town hall, a library, a swimming pool, a zoo, a nightclub/bar/lounge, an entertainment complex, water fountains, cinema hall and a lot of other recreational activities including a well-equipped gymnasium. One of the striking features of this place is the paintings of famous African and world leaders on its walls.

Tobix Recreational Park and Garden

Tobix Recreational Park and Garden is the getaway spot for people who love open-air fun and a quiet unwinding time in Abuja. It is a multi-purpose park known for its expansive space for guests and hosts a unique events center. The two-acre park is a tapestry of stunning and functional garden features such as the evergreen lawns, badminton court, event spaces, walkways, sculptures, fountains, ponds, rock gardens, gazebos, varieties of trees, palms and flowers. It also has a children’s playground and restaurants among other facilities.

Millennium Park

Take a grand tour of the Millennium Park, Abuja’s largest public and green area park covering a land area of some 32 hectares. It is located in the Maitama district of the federal capital territory. Enjoy the serenity of a beautifully designed walkway, flanked on each side by evergreen grass and canopy trees, leading down to a refreshing fountain, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and freshness that nature offers. Fun fact: the park was commissioned in December 2003 by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Jabi Lake and Park

Residents and regular visitors in Abuja will tell you that all roads lead to the expansive Jabi Lake and Park every Saturday, as residents head out to exercise, relax and have fun at the beautiful location featuring a number of activities and thrills such as horse riding, aerobics, skating, Taekwondo classes and much more. If you live for outdoor activities, the park is a must-visit. The man-made Jabi Lake, situated next to the park, offers canoe rides, speed boat rides, and other water sports. It is also a known spot for fishermen.

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