Absolutely Essential Tips on Escaping the Crowds in Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria | © satanoid/Flickr

The most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos, has become synonymous with the crowd of people that live within its limits. Its attraction lies largely in its economic activities; and since the government’s plan to institute a master plan that has somehow reduced crowding on the major streets but has yet to reduce Lagos’ population, here are some tips for avoiding the crowds.

Taxi your way around Lagos

There are several taxi options these days to avoid waiting for public transportation (which can be somewhat problematic as it is in most major cities of the world). Taxis are not that expensive, and the added bonus is that it helps with getting places on time. Services like Uber and Taxify have apps that can be downloaded and used to navigate around Lagos.

Avoid beaches, monuments, and tourist attractions during weekends

This goes for both public and private beaches, Moreover, nothing is as lovely as enjoying the beautiful white sand and the sounds of breaking waves at an empty beach. When visiting museums and other monuments, go on a weekday and enjoy near empty walkways and the displays without interruption.

Nigerian beach

Do your shopping during work hours

The busiest times of the day in any city are the early hours and closing times. When going shopping, particularly at open markets like Lekki, Balogun Market, and Jankara Market, make sure to go during work hours and window shop or buy things without the hustle and bustle of busy times. Haggle for goods without interruptions and in most cases, be able to buy quality goods.

Balogun Market

Choose your hotel with care

Choosing the right hotel goes a long way in determining the expense and proximity of tourist sites. For example, airport hotels, although beautiful and well-maintained, is a no-no for someone planning to explore Lagos without running into crowds or traffic. Instead, stay somewhere off the beaten path like resort hotels, those with private beaches, or a hotel on the island or mainland that offer the advantage of ease of travelling to destinations but without all the people.

Take advantage of Lagos nightlife

Although places like museums and art galleries are not open at night, there are several other monuments that are open all hours like restaurants and special places like Freedom Park. There is also the fact that Lagos roads are not as crowded at night, so this is a great advantage in terms of avoiding traffic. Use this opportunity to explore places like Eko, Obalende, Yaba, and Ikeja and mingle with Lagosians without the crowd effect. And best of all, dance the night away at a snazzy nightclub.

Most importantly, be ready for total immersion

Tourists are sometimes looking for Western experiences in new places but not necessarily culture immersion. To enjoy exploring Lagos, keep an open mind and adventurous spirit.

Nigerian at the Beach

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