Where To Find The Best Street Art In Marrakech

Hendrik Beikirchs Aziz installation in Marrakech
Hendrik Beikirch's Aziz installation in Marrakech | © HB
Mandy Sinclair

Though the street art scene is relatively new to Marrakech, new artworks are making their way to both the old city and the French quarter, known as Gueliz. But hidden away, down unassuming side streets and inside hip cafes and galleries, it’s not that easy to discover Marrakech’s emerging street art installations. In our latest article, we’re simplifying the process of discovering the installations around town so you don’t miss out during your trip to Marrakech.

Avenue Mohamed VI

Forget paying attribute with statues, the multi-level graffiti installation of Moroccan mason, Aziz by Hendrik Beikirch on the side of a building on Avenue Mohamed VI, greets visitors exiting the train station. In collaboration with the Montresso Art Foundation, Beikrich pays homage to the disappearing tradesmen in Morocco, at least in the manner that they continue to work today, including zellig artists, masons, shepherds and more. After all, Beikirch has a fascination for ordinary people, those who are often photographed in the souks but never really honoured.

Aziz in Marrakech

1. Café Clock

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Moroccan, Coffee, Tea , Fast Food

Graffiti installations adorn both the exterior and interior of this hip café located in the Marrakech medina. Look up as you approach the building for installations by Rebel Spirit and Aderrahmane Elbizani. As you pass through the gate, a hummingbird by NA Hicham Bellaghzal decorates the gate leading to the entrance, where Rabie Graffiti has left his mark on the building’s exterior. Step inside where well-known Marrakchi street artist, Hicham Bellaghzal, has decorated a large wall inspired by his home city Marrakech, featuring a storyteller and other various local scenes, on the ground floor of this hip café and most recently completed the halka cover.

Rue de la Liberté, Gueliz

Located in the trendy new town, exhibiting artists at the nearby David Bloch art gallery often freshen up the walls in the Rue de la Liberté area, including an installation in front of the ruined art-deco Koutoubia Hotel and installations lining the car park along Boulevard el Mansour Eddahbi. Another installation decorates the opposite wall from the famous patisserie Al Jawda in Rue de la Liberte.

Street art in Marrakech

Marrakech Medina

During the sixth edition of the Marrakech Biennale, the ATTOLLO group sponsored a group of international artists, including Mad C (Germany), Dotmaster (UK), Giacomo RUN (Italy), Dag Insky (France), Kalamour (Morocco), Alexey Lucas (Russia), LX.ONE (France), Lucy McLauchlan (UK), Remi Rough (UK), Sickboy (UK) and Yesbee (UK), to create murals in key public spaces that included the rooftops of the souks in the medina. This included an installation by Giacomo RUN near the entrance of the Bahia Palace and LX.ONE’s colourful, geometric, pink and purple installation that livened up a parking lot near Jemaa el Fna. Claudia Walde, known as Mad C, installation brightens up a corner on Rue Fatima Zahra in the Rmila area of the old medina.

Street art in Marrakech

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