The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Fes, Morocco

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Fes, Morocco
Fes is full of tempting and inviting restaurants which showcase the best of Moroccan cuisine, serving delicious dishes of couscous and tajine among much more. Although often meat heavy, vegetarians need not despair, as there are plenty of places they can sample Moroccan delicacies meat free, with vegetable tajines, vegetable couscous and, of course, falafel. Read on to find out where you can find these vegetarian delights.
Moroccan chickpea and veggie stew © Jennifer/Flickr

Café Clock

By far one of the best cafes in this huge city, Café Clock boasts three floors, each with a unique charm, and various little hideaways within. Situated in a beautifully decorated, 250 year-old courtyard house, guests can sit alongside the kitchen on the ground floor while chatting to the friendly staff or, for the most popular seating place, head to the roof terrace. From here, the beautiful city views can be enjoyed, in particular of the adjacent mosque, as well as the delicious food. Highlights from the vegetarian-friendly menu include tempting falafel and hummus, and goat’s cheese quiche. Not only does Café Clock cater for a diverse range of palettes, it is also a cultural meeting place, hosting numerous events, from cooking classes to storytelling.
Address: 7 Derb El Magana, 30000 Fez, Morocco,+212 5356-37855

Cafe clock
Cafe clock, Courtesy of Cafe clock

Dar Attajmil

In the heart of the medina of this historic and enchanting city, the boutique hotel of Dar Attajmil is renowned for being vegetarian and even vegan friendly. Guests can take in the rooftop winter garden, complete with beautiful flora and fauna, and enjoy the outstanding view over the whole of the medina. Perfect for non-meat eaters, Dar Attajmil prides itself upon following a philosophy of healthy eating, with all dishes made from fresh, organic ingredients, and with a chef who specializes in Moroccan vegetarian dishes.
Address: 2, Derb Qettana, Zqaq Rommane 30200 Fez Medina, Morocco,+212 5244-26966

Riad Dar Dmana

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Veggie tajine
Veggie tajine | Veggie tajine
Another fantastic riad in the heart of the medina of Fes, Riad Dar Dmana has been completely restored to delightfully showcase traditional architecture and the unique crafts of Fes. Much more than a hotel, this riad pays special attention to its restaurant that serves typical Moroccan meals on an inviting candle lit terrace. Although not a vegetarian restaurant in its entirety, the combination of extremely hospitable hosts and excellent chefs means that vegetarians are certainly catered for, with special vegetarian versions of couscous and tajine.
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Hotel Merinides

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Moroccan stew
Moroccan stew | © Katherine/Flickr
Nestled in the beautiful hills surrounding Fes, this majestic and luxurious hotel boasts a popular, sophisticated restaurant which invites guests to relax in the mountain retreat whilst feasting on Moroccan specialties, European style food, and grilled dishes in one of its three dining establishments. Opt for the top floor restaurants for fantastic city views and the sound of an Andalou orchestra, or even a French buffet, and choose the terrace for light snacks alongside the outstanding view. With such an array of choices, there is no doubt that vegetarians can find several suitable options which are much harder to find on the streets of the medina, where choices are limited.
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The Ruined Garden

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Fez I
Fez I | © mksfca/Flickr

One of the most romantic settings in Fes, The Ruined Gardens invites guests into its characterful setting, based in the ruins of an old and grand riad and filled with colorful and lively flowers. Although again, not a completely vegetarian friendly restaurant, The Ruined Garden is highly praised for its tempting pastries and typical Moroccan deserts. With a very popular smoked aubergine salad featuring on the menu, The Ruined Garden allows vegetarian guests to feast on some of their specialties, from soups to salads, and even tajine.

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