The 10 Best Restaurants In Marrakech, Morocco

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The economic capital of Morocco, Marrakech is famous for its rich, ancient and contemporary architecture, along with its exotic cultural scene. The Moorish Medina, as it’s also known, is the ultimate place to experience authentic Moroccan cuisine with a modern touch. This curated list is an updated version of the previous article listing Marrakech’s 10 most recommended local cultural restaurants.
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Riad Kniza

An 18th century luxurious hotel built by Haj Mohamed Bouskri, located in the heart of Marrakech, Riad Kniza is considered one of the best authentic Moroccan restaurants in town. Riad Kniza offers a special menu program where guests can taste the finest of Moroccan cuisine, including a gourmet selection of Moroccan salads; an assortment of exquisite Moroccan tajines and desserts; and local coffee or the well-known Moroccan mint tea. Apart from the delightful dining experience, Riad Kniza‘s guests have the chance to take part in cooking workshops, where the head chef instructs guests in the secrets of exotic Moroccan cooking.

Riad Kniza, 34 Derb l’Hotel +1 212 5243 76942

Courtesy Riad Kniza

African Chic

African culture is located right in the middle of the town at African Chic. African Chic’s lounge offers a mix of international signature cocktails, and its Zebra Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy the best of global dishes, varying from Asian flavours such as the poulet Thai or the boeuf a la japonaise, to the crème caramel falcon dessert from Brazil. There is even French cuisine in the form of the coeur de filet de boeuf. African Chic’s colourful African décor creates a truly welcoming atmosphere for guests not only to enjoy a delicious meal but also to watch live Latin music entertainment.

African Chic and Zebra Restaurant +1 212 524431424


From a joint dining and bar area, to bamboo and palm tree gardens and nomadic tents, Bô-Zin is the place to be. With its classic and modern décor creating a tranquil environment, guests can enjoy a menu filled with a selection of dishes with international touches, such as the lobster salad with Thai mayonnaise; the black cod caramelised in miso and served with jasmine rice; or the tajine cod with charmoula spices, all accompanied by local desserts and wines. Whether indoors or outdoors, or in a private dining area, this is a place where guests can enjoy a meal in an elegant space by the light of the fire. Bô-Zin guests can also enjoy every meal with live music directed by Bô-Zin’s in-house DJ.

Bô-Zin, Route de l’ Ourika km 3,5 +1 212 5243 88012

Courtesy Bô-Zin

1. Café Clock

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Café Clock has two different locations, one in Fez and the other in Marrakech. The contemporary location of Marrakech’s Café Clock offers a casual atmosphere with its terrace, where guests can enjoy a rich breakfast combination of either scrambled eggs with roasted tomato or pancakes with caramelised banana. Café Clock has main lunch and dinner courses, such as toasted couscous bouhalooor the exquisite specialty camel burger, along with local desserts and mint tea. Apart from its unique menu, the venue also hosts special programming during the week for its guests, such as the Wednesday music jams, Thursday traditional Moroccan storytellers, and a variety of other cultural events.

2. Kasbah Café

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With its open terrace overlooking the old Medina and the historical Saadian Tombs site, Kasbah Café and Restaurant is a unique place, dedicated to offering its guests a taste of both the global and local culinary experience. The Andalusian art and décor is a highlight of the experience. Kasbah Café is open at any given time of the day and is the place for guests to enjoy the company of family and friends while taking a moment to sit for a quick lunch or a casual dinner. Guests have the option to choose from the international menu, the daily Moroccan special, or the vegetarian and vegan menu. Kasbah Café thoughtfully caters to its guests by providing menu selections in four languages.

Pepe Nero

At Pepe Nero, Chef Khalid Robazza Essafa is dedicated to bringing the best of Italian-Moroccan cuisine to Marrakech residents. The atmosphere within Pene Nero is formal, and guests can experience not only the lavish and classic ancient Marrakech décor, but also the signature Pepe Nero Le Ville Rough menu. The Italian section, created by Chef Essafa, offers guests recipes such as linguine della casa del pescatore or risotto carnaroli allo zafferano, while the Moroccan part of the menu is a curated collection of Moroccan recipes such as the mechoui d’agneau or the tajine d’agneau makfoul, both fantastic examples of lamb-based dishes. Pepe Nero also boasts a list of delectable quality imported Italian and locally produced Moroccan wines.

Pepe Nero Restaurant, Douar Graoua +1 212 5243 89067

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