10 Top Spots for Tajine in Fez

Veggie tajine
Veggie tajine | © tomcensani / Flickr

Here are the best spots in Fez to visit if you’d like to enjoy the most authentic tajine the city has to offer.

1. Restaurant Riad Louna

Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Moroccan

1. Restaurant Riad Louna
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Riad Louna is a typical Moroccan house where you can enjoy your dinner cooked by a local Moroccan with years of experience. Here they serve delicious, authentic Moroccan food – from chicken pastille to couscous and tajine. Everything is prepared with care and the furniture and music are also traditionally Moroccan. The best place to enjoy your meal is on the terrace, where you’ll get a nice view and, if you’re lucky, a bit of a cool breeze.

2. Riad al Bartal

Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Moroccan

Moroccan tajine
© Bawdeep2010 / WikiCommons

At Al Bartal, you’ll be able to enjoy the most exquisite traditional dishes in a peaceful riad at the most amazing prices. They offer chicken tajines, pastillas, r’fissas and much more, all set in a beautiful indoor garden with lush plants that make for a picturesque setting.

3. Darori Resto

Restaurant, Moroccan

Chicken tagine
© Anthony Tong Lee / Flickr

Darori Resto is one of the best local restaurants in Fez, located in a house in the heart of the Medina. The main door is relatively obscure, down a narrow street, but the house itself is massive, with an indoor garden and a ceiling of coloured glass. Everything here is 100% traditionally Moroccan: the décor, the house, the food, the staff… The cuisine is the best thing about Darori, with local, fresh produce and lots of Moroccan spices to make it as authentic as possible.

4. Café Clock

Cafe, Diner, Restaurant, Moroccan, European

Moroccan tajine with mint tea
© calflier001 / WikiCommons
A favorite among young locals and tourists, Café Clock is a restaurant located next to a landmark clock in the middle of the Medina. The restaurant is always bustling with business, and has four different levels of seating for guests to choose from. Each floor is luxuriously decorated with splendid tapestries and Middle Eastern wall designs. Gnawa music is often played here. They are songs and rhythms of a spiritual, ancient Islamic nature and melodies that transport the diner to another African world. Try the camel burger here if you dare.

5. Nagham Cafe Restaurant

Restaurant, Moroccan, Vegetarian

This is a great rooftop restaurant with friendly staff and delicious tajine. At Nagham Café Restaurant, you can enjoy the perfect chicken tajine with a great view overlooking the old Medina. The prices are fairly decent and they also offer vegetarian options on what are usually meat-loaded dishes.

6. Riad Dar Dmana

Restaurant, Moroccan

Another fantastic riad in the heart of the Medina of Fez, Riad Dar Dmana has been completely restored to delightfully showcase traditional architecture and the unique crafts of the city. Much more than a hotel, this riad pays special attention to its restaurant, which serves typical Moroccan meals on an inviting candlelit terrace. Although it’s not an entirely vegetarian restaurant, the combination of extremely hospitable hosts and excellent chefs means that vegetarians are certainly catered for, with special vegetarian versions of couscous and tajine available.

7. Restaurant Dar Tajine Fez

Restaurant, Moroccan, Vegetarian

Chef Hamid of Tagine
Amanda Suarez / © Culture Trip

This is another of the best restaurants where you can try the famous Moroccan dish at an affordable price. They offer all kinds of tajines, from vegetarian to tender beef and, of course, they are served with bread. Here, you can enjoy the delicious sauce in a picturesque traditional atmosphere. Don’t forget to try their mint tea!

8. Dar Attajalli

Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Moroccan, Vegan, Vegetarian

A riad within the Medina, Dar Attajalli’s décor is like no other, with Moroccan tiles (zellij) and an astonishing view of the old town. Its restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan dishes, the most popular being their traditional tajine, cooked with local and organic products and served for dinner between 7.30 and 9.30pm. They also offer cooking classes, if you’re interested in Moroccan cuisine, and daily meditation.

9. Riad Andalib

Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Moroccan

This restaurant, located inside the beautiful Riad Andalib, is more expensive than the other spots, but definitely worth a visit due to its splendid food. Inside you’ll find traditional Moroccan decor, rugs, sofas, plates and, most importantly, traditional Moroccan dishes! Our recommendation is the chicken tajine, served with a selection of fresh spices straight from the Medina, enjoyed in an Arabian atmosphere.

10. La Maison Bleue Batha

Restaurant, French, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Vegetarian

Colourful stained glass on the balcony
© Riad Maison Bleue and Spa

At La Maison Bleue, you can enjoy a typical Moroccan meal accompanied by a fantastic live band in an architecturally stunning building. Here you’ll find authentic tajines and other Moroccan specialties, all delicious and all beautifully arranged in a traditional Moroccan dinner setting.

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