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Facial treatment | © Zenspa1 / Flickr
Facial treatment | © Zenspa1 / Flickr

10 Top Spas in Casablanca

Picture of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer
Updated: 22 February 2018

Casablanca is full of brilliant spots to spend a relaxing time by yourself or with your loved ones. From the Four Seasons Spa to Maison d’Asa, here are the 10 best spas in Casablanca.

Four Seasons Hotel Spa

The Four Seasons is a luxury hotel that has just recently opened in the city. It’s right next to the Anfa Place Shopping Centre, on the oceanfront, and it offers magnificent views over the Atlantic. You can enjoy a full day at the spa enjoying opulent luxury, the most relaxing massage treatments and elite skincare. There is also a sumptuous retreat for couples and an outdoor pool.

Four Seasons Hotel, Casablanca, Morocco, +212 5290 73700

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Four Seasons bathroom | Courtesy of the Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca

O Spa Kenzi Tower Hotel

The Kenzi Tower Hotel is located in one of the massive buildings of the Twin Center in Casablanca, with a whopping 28 floors and a stunning view of the whole city from the top. The spa is a vast area of pure blissfulness with a large indoor pool, Jacuzzi, hammamtreatment rooms, a relaxation room and much more. Our personal favourite is the Royal Hammam, a steam bath where you all dead skin cells are removed and your whole body then moisturised with a clay mask; after the hammam you will be treated to some tea, water and nuts. We also recommend the Sesame Seed facial, as it is absolutely relaxing, and done with Charme d’Orient products. The staff are very friendly and the services fabulous.

O Spa, Twin Center Tour B – Boulevard Zerktouni, Casablanca, Morocco, +212 5229 78000


Indoor pool at O Spa by Kenzi | Courtesy Yasmine Guermoudi

Gaïa Spa

Gaia Spa is one of the most magical spots to relax in Casablanca, as the staff are very spiritual in everything that they do and their number one goal is to make the client connect with nature and the universe. They offer relaxing massages done by professionals, a hammam experience and facials. There’s even a beauty salon section where you can get your nails and waxing done.

Gaïa Spa, Casablanca, Morocco, +212 5222 51424

Le Casablanca Hotel Spa

Le Casablanca Hotel is a very popular hotel in the city, as it is very sophisticated and really represents the economical capital of Morocco. The spa is called Jasmin Spa, and it has just recently opened. If offers the most beautiful and elegant atmosphere along with great design and services. The products they use are top quality and promise to make you feel as good as you can be.

Le Casablanca Hotel Spa, 19 Boulevard Franklin Roosevelt، Casablanca, Morocco, +212 5226 49797

Hôtel & Spa Le Doge

This amazing spa is located at the amazing hotel Le Doge in Casablanca, with top-quality services such as a traditional hammam where you will feel cosy and pampered. The staff will make sure you are comfortable and are choosing the right service. They also offer incredible massages  using argan oil, followed by a relaxing time at the lounge, where you will be offered  fresh beverages.

Hôtel & Spa Le Doge,  9 Rue Dr Veyre, Casablanca, Morocco, +212 5224 67800

Maison d’Asa

This sophisticated spa is located in the centre of Casablanca. They offer quality products and you can choose from one of their famous massages lasting either 30 minutes or an hour, incredible facials with argan oil, deep exfoliations, hand and feet treatments, weight loss treatments and of course hammamsIt is definitely a great place to relax, as it is very warm and cosy inside, and the staff are extremely kind.

Maison d’Asa, Casablanca, Morocco, +212 5229 96607

Gray Hotel & Spa

This spa is located in the Gray Hotel in Casablanca, a luxury hotel that is guaranteed to give you a high-class experience. They offer massages, and also full-body treatments that include a full-body massage, exfoliation and a cleansing facial; these treatments last from 60 to 140 minutes. They also have very effective anti-aging facials lasting over an hour and using special products such as quartz or figs.

Gray Hotel & Spa, Casablanca, Morocco

Wang Thai Spa

At this spa, you can enjoy the feeling of getting pampered as if you were in Thailand. The massages are done by experienced practitioners in a warm and cosy room, and you can choose from pregnancy massage, traditional Thai massage, four-hands massage and more. They also offer super-effective facials, a nail salon and waxing.

Wang Thai Spa, rue Quadi Iass, Casablanca, Morocco, +212 5222 57541

Thai massage stretches

Stretches during a Thai massage | © Poznyakov / Shutterstock

Institut le Lido Thalasso & Spa

This spa offers some incredible services with amazing beach views. You can choose from cleansing facials for all types of skins including aging skin, body treatments, traditional treatments such as hammam, a host of types of massage and much more. It is an amazing place to spend a pampering afternoon at, and you can end it with a dip in their pool.

Institut le Lido Thalasso & SPA, Casablanca, Morocco, +212 660 625608

So Spa by Sofitel Casablanca

The So Spa is located at the Sofitel Hotel in Casablanca and takes up two floors of the hotel. The decor is beautiful, and traditional yet modern, with Moroccan tiles, white sofas and dim lights – the peaceful atmosphere is very conducive to relaxation. You can enjoy the most exquisite massages, facials, hammams and more.

So Spa by Sofitel Casablanca,