A Couple’s Guide To Mauritius

Sunset & sugar field 1
Sunset & sugar field 1 | © Ram/Flickr
Rusheel Sakaram

Count Mauritius among the leading honeymoon destinations in the world; the land of the dodo has the perfect recipe to immortalize love on a paradisiacal canvas. Unique in many aspects, romantic, and spectacularly beautiful, here are some ways to create a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience in Mauritius.

Horse-riding along the beach at sunset

Flic en Flac Beach offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. Book two horses at one of the resorts along the coast. Propose to go for a simple walk on the beach until the stable boy “accidentally” bumps into you, accompanied by two majestic stallions. Trust the horse handler to lead you both to a remote boathouse right at sunset. Depending on the month, the shades or colour vary from intense orange to purple creating a romantic backdrop to complement a romantic evening.

Sunset & sugar field 1

Giraffe encounter

Pursue a romantic journey to Casela World of Adventures, a hybrid adventure park and zoo. Perks include giraffes eating straight from the palm of your hand, probing their pointy tongue for acacia leaves. Come close to their incredible height by making your way to the elevated platform, and enjoy your personal session with these elegant creatures. They don’t mind a selfie or two as long as your flash remains off.

My new friend Samuel!

Night under the stars in an eco-lodge

Be lulled by the stars 500 meters (1640.42 feet) from sea level and next to a lake filled with swans at the Bubble Lodge. Containing all the amenities needed under a series of see-through inter-connected domes, the impact-free lodge is located on a tea plantation that dates back to 1892. Note its location in a rain-prone area. Should you be unlucky, it’s a thin line between romantic droplets and heavy rainfall waking you up in the middle of the night.

Bubble Lodge in Bois Chéri

Romantic escapade at sea…all night long!

Embark at dusk, catching the last rays of light as the crew fires up the barbecue for some juicy lobsters. Pop the champagne open and enjoy the thrilling sensation of being at sea and far away from civilisation. As the lobsters and champagne start working on you both, the crew disappears to give you some privacy. The next morning, go for a quick dip and discover the many islets surrounding Mauritius while indulging in breakfast on the deck.

South West Mauritius

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