Inspiring Decor Ideas From Kenya

Soapstone hippo | © Nils Norman/Flickr
Soapstone hippo | © Nils Norman/Flickr
Photo of Jean Wandimi
13 May 2017

Kenya is an incredible place, one that’s hard to forget once you’ve been there. Local artists and artisans make unique pieces that can be an addition to your home and jazz up your space. Beautiful items can be found in flea markets and curio shops around the country. The best thing about Kenyan and African décor is that it is creative, inspiring and hard to find anywhere else.

Use sisal to make baskets and furniture

Sisal is a plant that grows in the semi-arid areas of Kenya and Décor Interiors uses it to make beautiful décor items. The company is very innovative and is known for having amazing furniture designs, including tables, armchairs, beds, bar stools and counters, and lighting.

Sisal Furniture | © Decor Interiors Kenya

Get creative and turn your Kenyan calabash into art

Calabashes are used for many purposes by traditional communities in Kenya, including storing porridge, Mursik (a traditional drink) and brews. However, calabashes also have ornamental purposes, and some artists embellish them with beautiful patterns. Pinecone Shelf shows us how to make amazing wall art with gourds.

Calabash | © Ninara /Flickr

Spruce up your space with beautiful soapstone sculptures

The Kisii community of Tabak Hills in Kenya has practiced soapstone carving for years. These sculptures are stunning, and you will find them in markets and galleries. Soapstone is available in many parts of the world, but the Kisii soapstone is very desirable and easy to work with.

Soapstone hippo | © Nils Norman/Flickr

Add some pottery to your space

Artists create beautiful ceramics and pots that you can find in different places in the city. Head to Ngong Road, where you can find some great designs for purchase. Pots are ideal for growing plants, and they also give houses an aesthetic appeal.

Adorn your walls with paintings or printed pictures

Traditional paintings make for unique décor and can light up any space while giving it an African touch. You will find incredible paintings in art galleries or on the side of the road at markets. Framed or mounted pictures with a Kenyan theme can add so much life to a wall, and Nyama Mama restaurant gets this right.

Nyama Mama Restaurant | © Jean Wandimi
Nyama Mama Restaurant | © Jean Wandimi

Embellish your living room with Maasai sculptures

If you take a trip to one of the local flea markets, like Maasai Market, you are bound to find a selection of Maasai sculptures. Some are small enough to be keyholders, while some are large enough to adorn a room. They come in different shapes, designs and sizes, and they are an excellent way to spruce up your space.

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Use cute kiondos in different ways

Kiondos are cute baskets made by the Kikuyu community of Kenya. They are used to carry things, such as magazines, while they can also double up as décor items. They are made of sisal and polythene bags, and they are a great way to upcycle plastic bags.

Create something beautiful with Kenyan fabric

In Kenya, fabrics like kikoy, leso and Maasai shukas can make fabulous pillows, throws, and tablecloths that truly transform a space, giving it that unique African touch.

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