10 Unusual Date Ideas to Try in Nairobi

Hands holding
Hands holding | © Taylor Hernadez / Unsplash
Had enough of dinner dates and cups of coffee? Couples who want to keep the fire of excitement going in their relationship need to find unique and unusual date ideas that they can look forward to. Nairobi is teeming with great places and things to do to make unique memories of your love. Here is our list of must-try ideas.

Go to a Muay Thai tournament

Muay Thai tournament | © C_Scott / Pixabay
High octane sports activities allow you to show your competitive sides, especially if you are already competitive with each other. If you are not squeamish about combat sports where punches and kicks fly and land with force and precision, a Muay Thai tournament is an excellent place to find an adrenalin rush and pick your fights. Muay Thai is pretty new to most Kenyans, so you will definitely learn something new.
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Watch a sunset from 28 stories up

The roof top at the Kenyatta International Conference Center has beautiful views of the city and is an excellent spot for a romantic sunset. You will have an unobstructed view of Nairobi from every possible angle in a quiet setting. After the sun sets you can stargaze for little longer.
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Take a baking class

Bakery, American, $$$
Baked goods can be very romantic. Think of croissants and chocolate cake which you can to enjoy for breakfast or with a glass of milk. You can even take it further and sign up for cooking lessons. Few things bring love birds closer than teary eyes from cutting an onion, grilling a steak together, or blending a smoothie.
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Visit the Mamba Village

After visiting with the tranquil butterflies, how about ramping it up with a visit to the Mamba Village? Mamba means crocodile in Swahili and the park is home to crocodiles. You can watch the crocodiles feed and then sunbathe after. There is a restaurant where you can have a crocodile meal or a beverage.
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