10 Notable Photographers From Kenya to Look Out For

The Dark Matter Project | © @Urbanskript / http://urbanskript.co/
The Dark Matter Project | © @Urbanskript / http://urbanskript.co/
Photo of Jean Wandimi
14 June 2017

Kenyan photographers are some of the most inspiring creatives because of how they are always on the move and working hard on new and exciting projects. They challenge us to see the world with a new set of eyes. Photography is a diverse field encompassing many genres like events, engagements, weddings, architectures, and portraits, among others. Here are ten remarkable Kenyan photographers that you should know.

Samir Dave (@SamDave69)

Samir is always chasing sunrises and sunsets with a camera in hand. He travels the world and takes some awe-inspiring and magical photos. His phenomenal Instagram page will keep you glued to your phone, and you will be travelling the world through his images. He also writes about his experiences and photography on his website.

Saffron mornings in Bagan, Myanmar | © Samir Dave/ samirdave.com

Peter Irungu (@Irungu_)

Irungu is a Kenyan based photographer and digital artist. He travels to different places in the country, and he takes incredible time-lapses, landscape and travel photos. He is also part of the XiXo Collective which is a new content marketing collective representing the next generation of emerging “time lapsers”, photographers and designers.

Chinga Sunset | © Peter Irungu / www.irungu.co.ke

Siambi Brian (@urbanskript)

Brian’s unique fashion and travel photographs will leave you in awe, and there is always a story behind them. It is such a delight to go through his website/ portfolio because everything is fascinating and captivating. He has unique aesthetics and has shot for many magazines, companies and even for his creative projects. One of his notable projects is the Dark Matter Project- Beauty of Man.

The Dark Matter Project | © @Urbanskript / http://urbanskript.co/

Mutua Matheka (@truthslinger)

Mutua is a creative Kenyan photographer who has captured some incredible images. You may have seen some of his notable photos of Nairobi City. Apart from being a photographer, he is also a visual artist. Some of his photos showcase architecture, cities, food, interiors, landscape, people, and even products. He also travels to different places and captures great photographs. He is part of the Unscrambling Africa team.

An aerial view of City Hall way crossing | © Mutua Matheka/ mutuamatheka.co.ke

Mwangi Kirubi (@mwarv)

Mwangi uses his lens to change negative perceptions about Africa. He has documented Africa in a positive light and showcases the amazing continent. He takes travel, portrait, and everyday photographs that rebrand Africa one click at a time. He also writes about his experiences and photography on his website.

Playground | © Mwangi Kirubi / mwarv.click.co.ke

Tatiana Karanja (@tatianakaranja)

Tatiana is a skilled photographer and she has always loved photography from a tender age. Her photographs are excellent, and she captures people, nature, travel, and food, among others. She loves traveling, and her travel photos are breathtaking. She also does fashion and event photography from time to time.

Sunset | © Tatiana Karanja/ tatianakaranja.com

Thandiwe Muriu (@thandiwemuriu)

Thandiwe is a brilliant Kenyan photographer who is passionate about showing the tones and textures that give beauty to faces in the world. Her work has been in different portraits, including Harper’s Bazaar, and she has won various awards. She takes great commercial, product, fashion, and portrait photography. She has a website and a YouTube channel where she teaches people different aspects of photography.

Vince Njuguna (@vincenjuguna)

Vince Njuguna is the owner of Vince Njuguna Photography and he specializes in weddings. He has been privileged to shoot amazing weddings all over the country. His attention to detail makes his shots so beautiful, and he is one of the Kenyan wedding photographers to watch.

Wedding | © Vince Njuguna Photography / Facebook

Trevor Jerry (@the_mentalyst)

Trevor Jerry takes incredible photos and he is a visual artist and photographer. He started dabbling in photography in late 2014 but has since grown to produce some stunning and priceless photographs. He focuses on travel, portrait, and landscape photography.

© Trevor Jerry / thementalyst.net

Dan Waiharo (@waiharo_dan)

Dan Waiharo describes himself as “a photographer with soul” and takes some great portraits and travel photos. He loved traveling and hiking but one of his regrets was not having a camera, so he bought one and started capturing the beauty around him.

© Dan Waiharo / @waiharo_dan

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